A note for our amazing readers

Hey everyone,

We’ve been doing our Substack for two months now. We really love doing it! Our favorite parts are engaging with you, thinking about love and the zodiac, and introducing you to poems.

So far everything has been free. Starting with tomorrow’s Love Match some content will be for paid subscribers only. That content includes: our Advice Column (where you get to ask us questions), Chart Readings (which we’re excited to begin next week), the Friday Love Matches (where we’ll eventually go through the zodiac and every possible combination), and our write-ups on favorite poems, astrological cusps, plus other interactive content we’re excited to introduce.

We really appreciate your support and hope you’ll become a subscriber for $5 a month.

Also we’d love to hear from you! Tell us which love matches you want to see coming up. Which ones are you most looking forward to!? Which ones are you sort of scared of (lol)? Which ones have you personally experienced and speaking of that — what sign have you always been curious to date but haven’t? Let us know in the comments!

Alex & Dorothea