Advice Column #2

Hi friends,

Here is the second installment of our advice column. Thank you for sending your questions in! Please keep sending them!! We will try to answer as many as we can.

Also, just a reminder that the advice column, the Friday love sign matches, and some other content will only be available to paid subscribers soon.

Next up: two questions from a Sagittarius and a Scorpio!

Sending you all love tonight,


A Wishful Sagittarius

Hi poets,

Sag sun, Libra moon, Virgo rising. Obsessed with your writing. 

I've been talking to this Taurus for a month and so I'm obviously ready to elope. But no matter how beautiful my fantasies are of what it would be like with them, I can't shake the fear of rejection from someone I'm actually hopeful about (instead of the usual "god is dead and so am I") and the subsequent fumbling of the situation due to me shaking in my boots. This applies to many aspects of my life. What do you think? I wish I was at a party.


Wishful Sagittarius

Dear Wishful Sagittarius,

Thank you so much for this question! I love your Sun/Moon breakdown. It’s actually the same as one of our great American poets, Emily Dickinson, although her rising sign was Scorpio.

It’s such a super breakdown. A Libra moon and Sagittarius sun fuel each other and make a person who is fun, spontaneous, and intellectual. That must be you! Your Virgo rising adds an interesting flavor, as it gives you a grounding that you might not have otherwise. I love meeting Sagittarians with Earth rising signs, particularly Virgo, as they usually center a Sagittarius in such a beautiful way.

As far as your question goes, I wish you were at a party, too! With this Taurus, of course. Tauruses are excellent party companions. First of all, they love everything that has to do with enjoyment and most parties have at least a little of that (or at least we hope so). Also, because parties involve eating and drinking and those are two of Taurus’s favorite activities. If I were at the party, I’d come running over to you two in a heartbeat. A Taurus and a Sagittarius is exactly where I’d want to be. A place of humor, warmth, and good cheer. Together Taurus and Sagittarius bring a deep glow to any place.

But I hear you about feeling in love and yet fearful about taking the next step in your relationship. The old cliché goes that Sagittarians hate commitment. Like so many astrological clichés, it also can be true. But they don’t hate it because they are actually afraid of committing. They don’t like it for the very reasons you outline here. Sagittarians are idealists about everything and especially love. So, they get scared because who the person actually is might not match up to their ideal or fantasy of them. And then they get even more scared to get too far with that person, lest they lose faith in having ideals about love in the first place. It’s the famous Sagittarian love cycle.

The good news is that you asked this question of an Aries. So it’s my job to tell you: let’s do this! If you are so in love then go ahead and ask this Taurus out. I know this can be impossible to do during the pandemic, but since you both likely love the outdoors, then maybe the two of you could take a nice outdoor walk together. Your Taurus could tell you all of the names of the trees and how they remind them of the tree outside their childhood home and you can teach them how to run between the trees and get a rush of joy. Together you will laugh a lot. It might not be your dream of the situation. But it will be better than that, because it’s real.

Emily Dickinson famously wrote in her poem “Hope”:

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -

That perches in the soul -

And sings the tune without the words -

And never stops - at all -

Just as your astrological twin stated, “Hope” “never stops - at all,” now is the time to believe in your hope for this relationship! It’s not going to stop that easily.

For what it’s worth, I believe in it!

Lots of love,


A Scorpio in Love

Hi there!

I’m a Scorpio sun, Aries moon, and Taurus rising. I’m wondering how to attract an Aries man. I’m not sure of his entire chart.

Thank you,

A Scorpio in Love

Dear Loving Scorpio,

I must admit when I saw your question my heart skipped a beat a little (ok a lot). Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with a Scorpio-Aries match. I think it’s just absolutely the best match ever. That is, when it works, of course.

Obsession is a great word to use to describe the relationship. Both signs are ruled by Mars and are very focused on whatever it is they are currently focused on. When they are near each other, to say “sparks fly” is definitely an understatement. More like planets move across galaxies, the sun mirrors itself, and rainbows pour out of every pore of the sky. It can be just that good.

No, really, the match between an Aries and a Scorpio, when right, is something that exists completely in an eternal, lasting well and well into infinity.

But you must know this if you are into an Aries and wanting to see how to attract him. First, it’s great that your moon is in Aries. This will help you understand him better than most. It’s also probably why you are so attracted to him. We tend to really feel a draw to partners whose sun sign is our moon sign, even (and especially) in instances when that maybe is not the best idea.

You will definitely instinctively know how to attract your Aries without too much effort. Just being your independent and driven self is going to really draw an Aries to you. Aries love being near someone who has a lot of ambition and focus and of course, ambition and focus is practically a Scorpio’s motto. He will also love how much you already like him. I mean, who wouldn’t, but Aries get especially excited when they are certain someone likes them, because then they don’t have to feel as much insecurity as they normally would.

One thing to consider is to be as honest and open as possible as you want to be with your feelings. Sometimes Scorpio has a tendency to keep things, how do we say this…hidden. The great thing about an Aries is that while that Scorpio mystery is very attractive to them, they especially love when their partner tells them everything. So as much as you can, try to tell him things you might feel scared to. He will love being the only person alive who knows your secrets. And contrary to popular belief, an Aries will never tell a secret. Well that is, unless that person has wronged them. And then that secret is fair game to be shouted loudly in public. But well, a Scorpio understands this instinct too though, right?

Something you may bond over is jealousy. Both of you like to know that your partner only has eyes for you, but you have a tendency to hide that better than an Aries. (Trust me, with an Aries you will know if they are jealous because if they don’t outright say it after 30 seconds, they will make it known in other immediate ways.) Sharing these types of feelings together—and how complicated they are—might actually bring you closer together.

Well, I hope that all of this might help and that you and your Aries are bonded for life. (Or at least, as long as you want to be!)

Wishing you Mars love,