Aries & Aries

Hi friends,

I hope that you all are doing well these days!

I am writing with our love pair for the week. Since we are in full-on Aries season, I thought an exciting match could be: Aries and Aries!

I probably don’t have to explain a lot as to why Aries and Aries is a very FIERY match, but I will anyway because it’s so fun. Aries plus Aries is pure fire! Maybe the most fire on fire (on fire on fire, and on and on) that there is in the Zodiac. It is the extreme rage, passion, and excitement of Aries plus itself. It can be an absolute delight to witness, or sometimes quite scary. One thing is for certain, it’s not for those of us who like peace and quiet. It might be among the loudest love matches in the Zodiac, although a tough contender is Gemini with a Gemini and sometimes Capricorn and Capricorn (we will get to both pairs soon).

In terms of the particulars, Aries is a Cardinal Fire Sign. This means it is a leader in the Zodiac. So when these two Cardinal Fire Signs come together, that means there are two people who assume they are the leader of the situation. The way that this usually plays out is that one Aries needs to step back from time to time in order to avoid a truly explosive encounter. Aries and Aries need to agree that one is just a little more dominant (this can usually be determined by moon and other placements) in most situations for their pairing to work the best that it can.

Working out who is charge is kind of the key to getting along with any Aries. When there is an agreement about who is the leader in each situation, even when it’s not the Aries, then things can go more smoothly than people realize. Two Aries instinctively understand this and will try to work out the power dynamics quickly (they do everything quickly), so as to avoid fights. No Aries wants to fight with another Aries. Even they know to fear that situation.

I am an Aries and have only had one extremely short-lived Aries romance, but I think of this pairing a lot in my dynamics with my Aries friends. We definitely try to work out who is in control over what early on and give each other as much space as possible. We trust each other.

Aries basically do trust other Aries and trust is likely a foundation for a love pairing between the two. If an Aries is getting what they need out of a relationship (and even sadly when they aren’t) they can be fiercely loyal to their partner, rushing in to protect them at a moment’s notice and act out any fairy tale’s best version of a knight in shining armor. Aries expect the same from their partner and expect to be defended and saved from humiliation whenever necessary. They will appreciate when they don’t have to explain this to another Aries. An Aries will rush in to help protect their Aries partner in a millisecond, usually with a lot of dramatic hand waving and screaming. In fact, dramatic hand waving and screaming is every Aries’ mating call. Their Aries lover will swoon when they see someone rushing in to fight for their honor.

A lot of people associate Aries with the color red. In fact, it is the color that is connected with Cardinal Fire and any Aries has at least a little red (by which I mean: a lot) in their closet. You’d think that Aries plus Aries would be so much red and a burst of fire everywhere. But when two Aries come together, I sometimes think of the energy as really green. Two Aries together can grow things. They inspire each other and can come together in the purest love. There is a good foundation always to make it work.

When two Aries meet each other they will immediately think: I get you. They will love the kind of intensity that each of them brings to life and will respect it in each other. Seeing the type of enthusiasm that they assumed only they brought to the table in someone else will teach them a lot about the ways others see them. And they will love learning this lesson through their relationship.

The thing that can unravel two Aries is the very thing that brought them together in the first place: passion. Or said another way, an ability to express themselves in both positive and negative ways whenever possible. Something else people associate Aries with is having a temper. I mean, let’s be honest, an Aries can get really mad. But an Aries temper is not about power, it’s about maintaining control. For them, having control gives them personal freedom and that’s always their end goal.

They like to be in control of all situations because it means that they can delegate who is doing what. They don’t even fully enjoy that part, because that part sometimes is tricky and boring. But what they love most of all is the control over the situation and making their own decisions over what they are going to do vs. listening to anyone else. And if both Aries in Aries-Aries haven’t accepted that they both need control over their own things (professions, interests, and even friends), then the whole relationship can unravel at an alarming pace.

Aries and Aries can go downhill quickly if the two haven’t acknowledged both of their needs for control over their own lives. But it can work if both are able to feed off of each other and keep to the positive. They will love being each other’s cheerleaders and supporting each other on all of their projects, particularly in the beginning stages of them. They will instinctively understand how to soothe each other’s easily wounded egos and sop up their insecurities. They will be there for each other. And most of all, their relationship will give them great solace to find another person who approaches life like they do.

In our Astro Poets book, in the Aries chapter, I wrote the following text exchange for two Aries:

Aries 1: Happy Birthday!!!!

Aries 2: Happy Birthday!!!!

Aries 1: I love you!!!!!

Aries 2: Talk to you next year!!!!!

And that’s pretty much how it always goes between two Aries. There is a steady stream of love there and spiritual connection, but the best Aries relationships are those that move on parallel lines, where they aren’t in competition for anything or have to vie for control over everything. You can’t force a timeline on any Aries and you especially can’t force anything on two of them. Their success as a couple depends on both letting each other have enormous amounts of space and freedom.

With a little care, this pair can work in the love dimension! Let’s go ARIES!

Lots of love to everyone,