Aries & Libra

Hi friends,

I hope that these days are as bright as possible for you. As promised, I am writing this evening with our love pair for the week. We will do a new one of these every week, in no particular order or pattern. This week is the very exciting pairing of Aries and Libra!

Aries and Libra are both Cardinal signs and are a Fire and Air sign pairing. The latter means that there is a natural compatibility, as fire needs air to grow and fire warms air and makes it move. If you’ve ever been in or witnessed any Fire and Air pairing, you can see that this is the case. Fire and Air signs feed each other and give each other something that no one else truly can. It’s not a solid, necessarily dependable feeling, but it is the feeling that makes them want to keep going and gives them life. (And if it gives them this feeling long enough, the feeling itself can actually become quite dependable.)

Aries and Libra have this natural Fire-Air compatibility, but they also have an extra special layer to their pairing. They are opposites on the karmic wheel and are a type of pairing that we think of as opposites/complements. This usually means that they have quite a lot in common, but also the completely opposite way of getting there. Just as the old-fashioned thinking goes that opposites attract, so too will there be an undeniable attraction between an Aries and a Libra that will make them feel they’ve found their soulmate. However, in that same initial second of that coveted soulmate feeling, they can both simultaneously feel like they’ve also found their worst nightmare. This duality can get better or worse over time, depending of course on lots of things, but especially on their other placements.

But first the good stuff: an Aries-Libra pairing is a bright and effervescent magenta air. It will throb through this bright air and fill any room completely, announcing itself with loud trumpets–– the trumpeters’ sheet music falling everywhere in a vibrant rush. Aries-Libra is a lunch date right at noon, with plates of sweetened beets fed to each other on lilac dishes that break when they smash them to the ground. The sun almost bursting through the sky and life’s potential on the lips of both. An Aries-Libra connection is a kiss, deeply made, and going on for hours, both of them tumbling from whatever high place got them there, right onto the ground, their arms cushioning each other, as they lock in an eternal embrace.

When an Aries meets a Libra, they will feel immediately that they have finally found their true match. A Libra has all of the excitement to them of any Air sign, but also an equal intensity to their own. For an Aries, love involves a building of emotions, usually realized in a flash or at least quickly. They might think when they spot a new wonderful person (emphasis on new), “oh wow, I LOVE them!” They will tell all of their friends: “I love so and so SO much” and all of their old friends will know enough not to put much stock into it. When they meet a new Sagittarius, for example, they might think: “I just love everything about them!” and want to collect them as their own. This attraction is similar to what they feel for a Libra, but it’s amplified as they realize that a Libra cannot be collected. A Libra will meet their gaze and energy head-on. This can be both thrilling and totally terrifying for the Aries, but thus begins a relationship like no other.

When a Libra meets an Aries, they are torn by their conflicting emotions but also will fall madly in love immediately. They will find an Aries to be a visionary and will probably tell their friends: “I have just met a genius.” (Nothing turns an Air sign on more than intelligence.) They will admire the Aries’s strength and their “who cares what anyone thinks!” attitude. Once they learn that this is only partly a veneer, this will excite them even further. Of course, an Aries cares what everyone thinks and actually cares quite deeply. Libras care, too, but for different reasons. Libras also love any good veneer and they will enjoy watching the performance come on and off as the Aries interacts with the everyday. They will also find their Aries a bit rough around the edges and they will take this to mean that they have something to teach them. This will give them a sense of purpose. Libras are born teachers.

But, let’s get back to the nightmare part. As much as there will be mind-numbingly joyful excursions, days in the park on a blue blanket reading poetry to each other, and nights driving on roads that go nowhere while clasping each other’s hands passionately, there will also be a good amount of fights, too. This is partly because both of them sort of enjoy fighting. It’s also because their conflicts are almost always due to the fact that they are both Cardinal signs. As described in earlier posts, Cardinal signs are the leaders of the Zodiac and aren’t really fulfilled unless they are directing something. This is truly the case with both Aries and Libra. Both assume that they are actually the one in charge of their relationship, which can make for quite a few sparks, both bad and good.

Of course, how power plays out always feels important in any love affair, but it is especially important in this particular love affair. Anyone who thinks Libra is a simply sweet and agreeable sign doesn’t know Libra very well. Libra likes to be in charge, and especially in charge of themselves. And newsflash, so does an Aries. A Libra will often think of their Aries as very bossy and that’s because Aries assumes in every situation that they are the boss, even if only secretly. The Aries will often get frustrated at how stubborn a Libra can be at not following their direction exactly, and thus a (sometimes delightful) chaos can ensue.

Also, Libra, with the scales as its symbol, always strives for harmony. Libra gets a kick out of presenting the opposing view in a discussion, even if they themselves don’t exactly believe it (and especially then). Or maybe it’s just that they have to. You can only imagine how this goes with an Aries, who loves when people not only agree with them 100%, but also are ready to comment effusively on how they agree with them because the Aries is always right. 

The conflict arises because it is usually unlikely (although not impossible) for the Libra to agree with the Aries. When the Aries utters their bombastic assertion, (often late at night, but really any time of day is fair game), the Libra will just need to counteract it with the opposing opinion. Again, you can only imagine what fireworks erupt when this happens to an Aries in the throes of impulsive and whimsical creativity. (Maybe you’ve been there yourself. I know I for sure have.) “If only the Libra just agreed with me,” the Aries will say to whoever is listening.

The way the relationship can work is that they both share an important value: personal freedom. They respect this value in others and they definitely respect it in each other. Another way that they can connect back to the core of their love is if they bond over the beauty of everyday life. They will enjoy filling their lives together with intellectual pursuits, causes, art objects, and adventure. They will like to think that it’s just them against the world and that they together are making a new vision of the world—one that is better than any other dreamt up ever in the history of the universe.

When the Libra accepts that in order to get along with an Aries they must at least act as if they are backing down sometimes, they will quickly remember the intense true love feelings that got them there in the first place and feel those sparkling feelings again. Likewise, when an Aries understands that they have much to learn from a Libra––and lets themselves open up and be vulnerable to everything their Libra has to offer––they will realize there is no one else in the world except the two of them. When both signs are ready to do these things, then they will realize that their relationship, exceptionally passionate in both directions, can stand the test of time.

It’s hard to know if the great singer, Chaka Khan (arguably my favorite Aries), was thinking about a Libra when she wrote her lyrics to “Ain’t Nobody.” The famous refrain goes: “Ain't nobody / Loves me better / Makes me happy / Makes me feel this way.” I don’t know if she was, but she certainly could have been. No one but a Libra makes an Aries feel this way, and the same goes in the opposite direction. Aries-Libra is a unique and irresistible match. With the right care, it can last a lifetime and benefit both lives for the better.

With Aries-Libra, it’s hard to stop, but I probably should now. Tomorrow night we will be back to post the horoscopes.

Wishing you all every good thing!

Love, in the stars and on Earth,