Cancer New Moon

Hi friends,

Tomorrow night at 9:17pm EST, a new moon in Cancer will come into our lives. Yes, it still is Cancer season and so this will be a lot of Cancer for sure. If any of your planets are in Cancer you will be in this deeply. But all of us will be in it, too. This new moon will ask us to think about how we care for ourselves and how we want to care for ourselves going forward. It will make us question if those around us are being as open with us as they can be. It will also ask us to question how we might be more open with them. It will make us think of LOVE. Real love that ushers change and growth. Real love that blows the door wide open, ready to receive what life has to offer. It will ask us to be kind, no matter how difficult that can be at times. And it will do it all with gentle lilac and pink steamers, with sweet cakes full of lemon-lime icing, and with happy music from generations ago.

So are you ready to feel? Below are some things to help you celebrate this new moon.

Love and sweetness to you,



1.     Imagine that you can throw a party for yourself tomorrow and can invite your closest friends and family members. What would the theme of the party be? Imagine that you could have anything you want there—what would you have? What kind of food would be there? What would you wear? Write a long letter to yourself describing the party and how you will throw it for yourself one day. Then draw a picture of yourself at the party, having the time of your life.

2.     Cook yourself your favorite breakfast.

3.     Think of two people you really love. Text them both how much they mean to you.

4.     Watch an “emotional” movie. (Define that in your own way.)

5.     Draw a heart on a piece of paper and bury it in the ground near where you live.

6.     Go outside and say a prayer of love for everyone in your neighborhood.

7.     Read your favorite poem to a plant.