Full Moon in Libra and Green and Blue

Hi friends!

The full moon in Libra is happening on Sunday. Are you ready for it?

The Libra full moon will have all of us infused with some concentrated Libra energy, and what could be more fun than that! With its symbol as the scales, Libra is often thought of as the sign that relates to harmony, justice, and keeping things in a sort of balance. It also relates to partnerships, as Libras are often very concerned with keeping their partnerships intact (which is why they are so wonderful to collaborate with creatively).

The full moon in Libra will be focused on relationships and how all of us interact in our relationships everyday. During the Libra full moon, you might consider: How can I make my relationships fit into my life in the best ways? For some of us, this may mean: What can I do to help my friends and partners be the happiest and best they can be? For others, it may mean thinking about: What can my friends and partners do to help me be the happiest and best I can be? It will likely be a combination of all of these questions for all of us.

I know I mentioned before the Virgo full moon that it might be good to consider where you were at during last Virgo season and to consider how far you’ve come since then. This can be helpful to do this full moon, too. You might think about last Libra season and what you were doing and thinking about and how this thinking may have evolved. It could be interesting during the full moon to think about what caused this change/growth and why.

Or it may be that when you think about last Libra season you might realize that you are still existing in this late September/October space in many ways, even though all of these months have gone by. I know that I myself don’t feel too different emotionally than this past Libra season. If this is the case for you, too, it might be important to think about why this is so and how you feel about it. Whatever the case, the goal of this Libra full moon will be to achieve peace within yourself to carry you through the month.

A Libra full moon ritual you could do is to find an old email thread or text conversation or some sort of other written communication during this past Libra season with a person or people who are very important to your life now. Print it out, if you can, and look at it closely. What ways were you communicating with them and how were they communicating with you? Consider what ways this communication was excellent and maybe what ways it could be improved. Now write yourself a letter about all of this and sleep with it under your pillow for at least three nights. After this, write this person or people a note telling them how much they mean to you.

Another Libra full moon blessing you could do is to read this poem, “Like Rousseau,” by Libra poet Amiri Baraka out loud to yourself in the middle of the night.

Some other little rituals you might do:

1.     Look at your favorite room in your home and consider what is already harmonious in it. (This could be defined in an infinite amount of ways.) Do something to the room to increase the harmony. Now play your favorite song in it at least a few times on repeat.

2.     What is a topic that has always interested you and you haven’t read enough about? Check out a book about it from the library or buy one from a small book store in your neighborhood. Or if leaving your place is impossible, check out some resources about it online.

3.     Light a blue-green candle and think about how you most love to express yourself. Make a promise that you will express yourself more this way in the next month.

4.     Check out an online museum archive and learn about a new artist.

5.     If it’s safe, with social distancing, go to an outdoor concert in a monochromatic outfit.

6.     Write a letter to a living writer or artist you’ve long admired and find some way to send it.

I am excited for this particular full moon as it’s right around my birthday. I am expecting to have a lot of intense feelings but hopefully some clarity, too. Whenever the spring happens and it’s Aries season, it makes me think of all of the things I do and do not say to the people I love. This Libra full moon, while we search for holy balance, let’s also think about all the things we long to say. And say them!

Wishing you so many good things!