Gemini & Sagittarius

John Baldessari (Gemini), 1971

As a single person, if you’ve ever had to do something with a couple—dinner, drinks, orgy, whatever—you know that inevitably there comes a point when you either feel bad about yourself or just bored. Maybe both. We live in a couples culture. That place we’re all sold that’s not as fun as friendship but supposedly better than being alone. I don’t know about that. But I’m here to tell you that if you have to hang out with a couple, a Gemini-Sagittarius situation won’t make you feel bad or bored. It will remind you of freedom, chaos, and chasing a downer with an upper. The vibe you get when you put these signs together.

Let’s get some basic things out of the way. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. An air sign. A mutable air sign. What does mutable mean? Well, it really just means that anything can change at any moment for no apparent reason. Things shift. Outfits change. Plates get thrown. Whatever! Sounds a little terrifying, yeah. But does it keep things exciting? You know it does. I adore Geminis. They’re forever seventeen. 

Sagittarius is also a mutable sign. The only direction it knows is everywhere. There is no constant. Number nine on the karmic wheel, moodiest of its fire siblings and ruled by lucky Jupiter. Sagittarius people like to explore. They enjoy following a whim. They want everything to feel like a beginning.

But hold on. I want to point out that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the great communicator. So basically, lots of talking, lots of hand gestures, lots of “I forgot to tell you about this one time…” and three hours later you’re on a plane to Saint-Tropez drunk on gin & tonics. This is important because both of these signs feed off of each others’ spontaneity. Open all the doors. Open all the windows. Don’t mind the weather. The weather’s just weather.

Now. I have to warn you. If you show up to a party with a Gemini and Sagittarius couple, good luck. They will steal the show. Both of these signs are natural entertainers. This is part of why they’re drawn to each other. They love to make people feel good and they love to be grandiose. They will say a lot of things they don’t mean. Someone will cry. Someone else will say they had the best night of their life. In the morning you’ll actually remember how you had this one intimate moment with both of them, smoking a cigarette in passing, listening to them tell you something really personal in an understated way. The rest is acting. But acting is real to a Gemini and Sagittarius. The stage is where they become themselves. You either get that or you don’t. (Aries, I see you shaking your heads yes. We love you.)

As a Sagittarius, I’m always defending Geminis. I have a great affection for how they get themselves in trouble but truly mean well. They remind me of bathroom graffiti which I take very seriously because it’s a mix of raw truth and some other wild shit you don’t even know how to process. The point is, I can’t look away. Geminis are magnetic and various and sometimes a little bit cold (which is kind of hot, actually). They are curious about everything. Bats. Spinoza. Rihanna’s first album. What attracts a Gemini to a Sagittarius is their love for life and its messiness. Have you ever tried to be friends with someone who’s a saint? It’s so boring. No, thank you. I’d rather make out with a Gemini and feel fucking insane.

Many people think that a Sagittarius is too cool for school. Too flippant, too arrogant, whatever. Not Geminis. Geminis see through all that. Obviously, as a couple they can get on any guest list together, and it can feel like New Year’s Eve on July 21st. But here’s the thing—these are two sensitive people who both use aloofness as a way to deflect from pain. They aren’t going to talk about it at length. This couple isn’t in the bath footnoting their feelings. They’re buying something or making something or spilling something or screaming.

You better believe it. There will be lots of screaming. The Gemini-Sagittarius fights might last ten minutes but it’s a dangerous ten minutes. Neither sign is one for grudges. So things will pass quickly. But the chances of long-term compatibility are 50/50. The Sagittarius will say they left because they weren’t “respected”—read, you didn’t cater to all my whims. And the Gemini will say they left because…well. They aren’t really sure! “We might get back together.” And they’ll say this for another ten years during which they’ll sleep with each other on and off, maybe get married, maybe get divorced, maybe “never talk to each other again,” only to text some weird nude or passage of philosophy at 3:54 pm on a boring Tuesday. (The Gemini will do this, of course. And the Sagittarius will wait 4 minutes and pretend not to respond, then say something back in all caps.)

One road block for this couple is competition. Sure, in their careers, but what I really mean is at the party. The party! That place which is so important to them. They have to be the most loved, the most entertaining, the most graceful but “cool.” Both of these signs are obsessed with coming off as President of the Bad Kids Club. When really, they’re just thrill seekers. They’re genuine and kind people. A Sagittarius will show up for you when you make your biggest mistakes. So will a Gemini. They love you and they love each other when things have gone terribly wrong. Because they know everything can turn on a dime. They know people are complicated and there is no good or bad. There’s just change. And the party. Don’t forget about it. It’s where both of these signs probably met.

AD | Sagittarius sun | Pisces moon