Gemini New Moon

Hi friends,

At 6:53am (Eastern Time) tomorrow we will usher in a New Moon in Gemini and a solar eclipse. What to say except that a current of change is here—a type of change that occurs in the head and the heart. Gemini—the sign of communication—will be walloping us with big doses of information. Some of it will be hard medicine, but some of it will be sweet, too. It will be information from the past and also from the future, and like a Gemini embrace, we will be wrapped within it for a bit longer than expected. Still, a kind of clarity is on its way soon. This moment is about respecting the chaos of thought in all its glory—the creative source and the possible. Now is the time to uphold the new—to keep dreaming and to keep the conversations up—without feeling a need to start something brand new at this point. It’s a time to run the new like water through the rivers in our minds and imagine a future where anything can happen. And to sit and run our fingers through the water. Because only in that deliberate process can we see our own reflection within it and also the reflection of truth.

Here are some things below to do in this time to feel all of it.

Love to you all forever and ever,



Activities for the New Moon in Gemini:

1. Call a new friend and talk on the phone about a dream you had recently. If you didn’t have one lately, talk about that.

2. Get some construction paper and cut out repeats of your favorite shape until you feel you’ve done enough of them (for ex., 81 pieces). Now cut out your least favorite shape in one number less than that (for ex., 80 pieces). Now sit on your bed and make patterns with these two sets of shapes. Make sure you change and create new patterns periodically and think about the beauty in new combinations. If you feel like it, cut out a third shape in one number less than your least favorite shape (for ex., 79 pieces) and make even more complicated shape patterns. Do this for as long as you feel like it. If someone calls you in the middle of it, take a picture of your patterns and text it to them with no explanation.

3. It was Prince’s birthday on 6/7. Listen to your favorite Prince song at least twice today.

4. Pick another song by a favorite Gemini musician. While listening to it, write something that is in dialogue with it.

5. What’s something you’ve always wanted to know more about? Search and sign up for a class about it. If taking the class seems impossible, find a book about it at your local library and check it out.

6. At 3am tonight, go outside and sing to the moon a song from your childhood.

7. Cook someone (like yourself) a meal made entirely of appetizers.

8. Drink something lemon lime and write your best friend a very long email while drinking it.

9. Paint your nails: sky blue and lemon.