Horoscopes for April 2021

It’s finally here: a turning over of something. All of the green everywhere in fragrant returns. The New Moon on 4/12 in Aries will bring us all a burst of the beginning and the Full Moon on 4/27 in Scorpio will have us seeking out the real. All month there is a longing for hope and for love. Let’s make these things overflow like the sweet breezes.


You feel like you’re wandering and dependent on the applause of others. You don’t need anyone to tell you that you’re a star. In the sparkling waters you will leave your language. It’s alchemical—these instances. These moments of rest that question your loyalty. Your intuition surrounding the green and peach garden will let you know who to be the most loyal to. Wrap a lilac gauze around your shoulders and call this month a given.


Sitting steady and true, a chair that is upright. Aren’t all things in the manner in which you left them. An ongoing list or plan that you find in the regular air. Your eyes are smiling, in the picture and in the instance. Holding up your book so that everyone can see. Turn it around to see the picture of yourself. You don’t need a mirror—you have yourself.


It’s that quizzical look that means everything. But it’s not on their face—it’s on yours. Do you happen to think of the past and the little cup of love. It’s in the distance and it’s also here. It’s not scary or captivating—it’s truthful. So, say the way that it makes you feel first. Every time you get a place to leave your cup more love empties out. Hold steady, it’s not over yet.


Happiness can be elusive but not when you go after it like you can. You will be dancing all of the way through the peaceful entryway. Eye contact and the rose sweater and six cups. There is nothing that can’t be done through symmetry and narrative. It’s time to tell what you know. There is so much that can be helpful. And that’s what you want.


A lemon is far off and you’re walking. You have moved so slowly but now you feel momentum. It’s a slight shift and a new attraction. What has moved forward will now move backwards. But that’s so that you can remember everything that brought you here. After all of that, you have the place where your heart found its purpose. Don’t forget it now—you won’t be able to.


It makes you feel a type of contentment. A hand reaching out into the blue. What is it holding. It may be your own hand, clasping itself. This is the kind of strength you need and so you should take it. You can borrow what you need from friends. You have so many of them. Light sprinkling from the edge of the cup. Take what you need—there’s only the future to be ready for.


Slowly the reality of things is making its way into your mind. You will want to get all ready for the big party, but it’s not time yet. Instead each day can be a chance for things to be beautiful. What do you want most of all. You can have it now. Behind you are so many awards. Pick one or two. You deserve all of them.


You have all of the items prepared for the journey, but do you have the person you want to journey with. You are sure sometimes of nothing and uncertain about everything. But knowing that now is the time is something you will be so sure of. It’s a pleasant day with everything accounted for. You could just sing the song and go about it. That’s fine, too.


Some things are like other things and you know that. You’ve known for a while how strong you can be. It’s almost as if nearby a lion waits to help. There’s no clear message—only awakenings. Will you spot the difference between now and then. It’s not worth it to do too much digging in. Just let it go, if you can. The day is long, sunny, and inviting.


There you are in the picture. In the real space you have the moon behind you and you are waiting. It’s just anything however that you wait for. No instead it’s cautiously inviting. You will have your arm on the table and when they come to eat they will touch it gently. All of this is love. You have a romantic side, don’t you. Now show it.


The light is streaming in but you didn’t even notice. Maybe it’s cause you are busy with all of this work. Flying fast is the answer to the problem. Don’t try to catch it—just let them keep flying and when you are ready, grab one. Off in the distance a yellow light beams. It’s your nightly romance waiting. It could also be an idea.


It’s somewhat difficult but also easy. Loving is what you do. You are good at it so keep doing it. Don’t question what the purpose is and just keep layering on the mystical. Levels of insight are necessary but not now. You know to keep going. You are good at staying with it. This is more than love this is eternity.