Horoscopes for June 2021

Happy new month! We hope that you are ok out there. We definitely have officially entered Mercury Retrograde and we won’t come out of it until June 22. Just to put that in perspective, the whole rest of Gemini season (and then some) will be in Mercury Retrograde. As we know, Geminis like to have fun, and let’s just say that this retrograde is going to have a little “fun” with our nerves. Our instincts during retrograde are usually to completely run and hide, but maybe this isn’t always the right way to approach it. Instead it’s good to plan extra time, keep your secrets to yourself, and generally don’t get too worried when awkward moments happen. We will all get through this and in the process learn more about who we are. We also have our New Moon in Gemini on 6/10, which by the way will also usher in a totally chill SOLAR ECLIPSE. Just kidding about the chill part—not going to lie, it’s going to be a lot. The hope is that it will bring us lots of deep clarity and new thinking on old ideas and help us trust our fresh intuitions. And then on 6/24, two days after Mercury Retrograde ends and eases up our communications a little, we will have the Full Moon in Capricorn which will hopefully assist us in speaking our true passions and goals. Let’s look forward to all of it and enjoy this marvelous June.


You’ve been waiting a long time for all of this. Don’t forget how much will it took to get you here. You will always figure it out and now is no different. Feel good about this and you will have the strength to manage any challenges. Yes, there could be a couple. But again, nothing you can’t handle. Go deep into the body of purple water that surrounds you. There are lessons and you might be the teacher. There are friends, too, especially old friends. Hold the very essence in the brink of time. Keep moving forward.


You’ve been focused on something. And while a sharp focus is always characteristic of you, these feelings now will be even greater. In fact, you will find yourself ready to get up and go in ways you haven’t felt in years. This could lead to a breakthrough. Or some other turn in the right direction. Remember you’ve built a lot towards this. These new ideas aren’t coming out of nowhere. And they are all yours. They will also help others, especially your friends. You won’t even want to celebrate. That’s how determined you will be to see this all through.


A kind of staleness of being will envelop you and you will be certain that you want to change. But then there is the problem of actually changing and how hard it is. You will go inside and look at the possibilities there. If there’s anything you are certain of it’s how important the internal world is. Don’t change that. Don’t change your outlook on it either. Maybe a few ribbons in either direction will make a difference. If you can clear the way for a new beginning, then do it. If not, know that it will come to you with less effort than you think right now. Love deeply. Love will make a difference.


Lemon yellow will be your go-to. It’s more that the cheerful place it’s where you want to be. So you will plan for everything that has energy. You will have loads of it as you starting planning for an even more distant future. This could be a new house or some sort of metaphor for that. You will enjoy decorating—again, even metaphorically. This could mean it’s time for you to say something. Not to someone you pine for, but for someone you don’t know. Perhaps it’s the new encounter that calls to you. Whatever the case, be ready. There won’t be all the time in the world to make a decision.


You’ve done everything you need to do to make it happen and now you are waiting on others. You can wait forever but who would want to. Certainly not you. And certainly not about this. Around the corner there are signs for the future. But you have to get there. Remember nothing is dependent on one thing. Not on one decision or one person. But yet everything resides there, like a heart. This could be a hard choice. But you will make the right one.


For what now seems like forever you’ve led yourself to this moment. The best news is that you can embrace it. Of course, it’s unknown and that’s scary. But celebrate everything that made this happen. It’s real and also based in a spiritual realm. There’s that kind of force to this. It’s also of course based so squarely in your hard work. That can’t be tamed or even questioned. There will also be a focus on tiny delights. Make sure you take enough of them. And worship the daily routine—it’s yours.


You might be surprised a few times, but that’s a good thing. What visions aren’t surprising and you will have some of them. An orange dress will be present, but not to wear. Other objects will populate the space. If you want it to be pristine, then don’t bother. But if you want the whole thing in flowers, then do it. This is not against the day at all. Or rather the night itself could be waiting. You will receive an important call. You don’t need to answer it for it to affect you. So many years have passed but this is still a crucial conversation.


Many plans now will continue. They will make you happy because they are what you’ve wanted for such a long time. You might want to travel but this isn’t about actual space. Go in your mind to the place where the edge meets another edge. This is about what can happen when you’re ready. Remember horses and soft vegetation. Remember sun and shade and feeling both. Love will call for you, maybe actually. You won’t be able to resist it. So take it with you, in your plans. What is the point where everything can be—you will figure this out.


You’ve felt more certain for a while now. What cannot be found in patterns. All along the bookshelf a kind of certain space of time. Things are moving quickly. But are they quick enough for you? No you are fine taking your time and being clear about it. You will want to doodle in meetings. You will listen beyond language. In the space of it all again you will strike up a conversation. Nothing will be new. Again all of it will have started a while ago—this adventure.


On your wall are several notes but maybe there are even more than that. You hold a lot of things close to your heart so why not this. It could be that time is even faster than you thought. A change of pace could also be good. Maybe a change of scenery, too. Inside the heart there looms many prayers as of yet unanswered. So many dates where words could not be spoken. Holes of time but now you can fill time. Hold close the very essence of it all A subtle grey will escape the clouds. In its majesty lies a beautiful song for you and the future.


You’ve been searching for a bit. This will be the opening into the butterflies. A kind of name or sort of energy will make it clean. This is the day on which you state your real opinion. People have been waiting for it. They hold their hands up and say things. Everything is a new memory. So subtle will be the sounds and the yellow wave. If you’re ready, it’s yours. Pink and purple in the moon. You’re ready.


A new beginning is also the right way to begin. You’ve held it clear and can’t be more sure. Sleeping into the night then a dream awakens you. Maybe you’re more certain than you could have known. What is in the fitful symbols? Nothing that you can’t handle or decipher. In the way the air moves heavy what is in the air. You don’t need to find that out now. Instead move into it with abandon. With confidence the heart is always ready. There is a kind of afternoon that the dream awakens, too.