Horoscopes for March 2021

March feels endless. Inside it spring arrives. The new moon in Pisces on the 13th is a good time to text an old friend. The full moon in Libra on the 28th is a time for new ideas. What have you always wanted to do. This is actually a question that arrives every morning. It’s true.


A real sun. The dream illuminated. Something you’ve always wanted is coming into your life. There will be endless drinks. There will be fields too. Steal a moment to be with yourself. Be there with your friends. Maybe you have forgotten. No, not you. You carry them with you. You know the depths of friendship. Only this time, give yourself over completely.


You’re looking for new paths in the material world. Perhaps a new job. Perhaps another way to make money. Although, what is your dream? What is the life you would want to wake up to? Maybe you don’t think about that enough, or in ways that aren’t tied to ambition. Remember a day when you walked out and had nothing planned but the going itself. Have a few more of those days. Don’t ask how.


A red door at the end of the day. The path through the garden. The mind when there’s no one around. Of all the signs in the zodiac, you see possibility clearly. This is your March. It is possibility you are after. It is the door past the red and the green, past the ocean, the window. It is the day. Remember you don’t have to please anyone. You only have to become yourself.


Alongside the tablets of time. This is where they will find you. Circling and circling. March feels like swimming in a pool. Inside it, you are looking to attach yourself to something. To touch whatever’s real. Toward the end of the month there will be a day that reminds you just how real you are. Entirely on your own.


It’s difficult for you to imagine anything ends. And you’ve been thinking on this anything for so long. Let it go. At least in your mind, if not life. When you see the narrow path, imagine the vastness of a river. How you have to step in it to feel it. How you can’t just look around. The blinking light that follows you everywhere. You know that it’s true.


Add water to everything. Don’t ask your question. Assume an attitude of doubt. Conceal that doubt. Add water. Ask yourself about yourself. Write down the happiest summers of your life. You cannot return. But there will be a stranger that returns you to somewhere else. Ask your question then. Refuse doubt. Add water to everything. Add water all of the time.


You would invite anyone there. You would invite anyone anywhere. This has to do with pleasure. And your true love of justice. So they weren’t the person to walk into the room and see you for all that you are. So what. That person is out there. And there’s more than them too. You will meet everyone. There will be very old trees.


Obsession is an energy. You practically invented it. You have followed the same thought for many years on end. And now, now that time seems to mean less and less, at least in the way that we measure it—you see you’ve gone wrong. But not really. Not entirely in the way that you think. Wrap a red string around a plant. Don’t overwater it. Tell it your secret, in very slow, very obvious words.


You will not be perfect (only in another world). You will not be perfect (only in another world). You will not be perfect (only in another world). You will not be perfect (only in another world). You will not be perfect (only in another world). You will not be perfect (only in another world). You will not be perfect (only in another world).


You went in looking for certainty and found a thought encased in metal. You asked for the locks and they gave you the wind. Go back to the mind before dark. Go back to the way you imagined it when there was no one. No one to ask. No one to build for. When it was just you and the strange little dream.


If the past is a field. No. If the past is a river. Ok. If the past is the past and it’s hardly worth knowing. Alright then. Move on. And inside the strange stream of your longing, there was a fire. And inside the fire there was your doubt. Make a dress of that doubt. Make a dress you will wear.


Sometimes it’s better not to say anything. Sometimes intimacy is cheapened by the way you always want to demonstrate, demonstrate, demonstrate. Here’s the thing. The sky can look starless but we know it’s the night. Not what’s real. A person can say love and actually mean something else.