Leo & Aquarius

Hi friends,

It’s Friday night, so here I am writing with our love sign pair for the week. This week we are featuring the love match of Leo and Aquarius!

Leo and Aquarius are another Fire and Air sign pairing and are also opposite/complements. If you remember my post from two weeks ago, this was also the case with Aries and Libra, although the similarities between these two pairs pretty much end there.  This was the case with Alex’s post of Gemini and Sagittarius last week, too. A big difference is that Leo and Aquarius are both Fixed signs, which means that once they have decided to commit to something, it will take a lot to change their mind otherwise.

If you have forgotten what some of this means: two signs that are opposites/complements are opposites on the karmic wheel. This usually means that they have a natural compatibility in lots of ways, but also completely opposite ways of getting there. In terms of a Fire and Air sign pairing, there is a wonderful compatibility between signs with these elements, because fire and air need each other to grow. So, too, any Fire and Air sign match will infuse energy into each other and be full of passion, delight, and excitement.

These tenets of astrology definitely all apply to Leo and Aquarius who have a fantastic attraction but also are completely different. Leo, with their bright and brilliant energy, will astound any conscious Aquarian, who will be so moved by the sparks of Leo that they themselves will be lit up by enormous passions. Likewise, Leo will find so much of what they need from an Aquarius: depth, a willingness to go to extremes (both in action and in thought), and a heavy dose of romanticism tinged with a bit of nostalgia. A Leo will adore settling into an Aquarian’s kind and thoughtful eyes and knowing that they have a home within them. Because once an Aquarius commits to anything, and especially a Leo, they are a devoted partner, offering many secure and happy days for the person that ignites their most coveted desires.

It may take them some time to get there, however. As is often the case with opposites/complements (and some other pairings, too), oftentimes the first meeting between an Aquarius and a Leo cannot be so sweet. Upon first meeting, an Aquarius might find a Leo just a bit…too much. They will think: “Well here is a lot of pomp with not as much fast moving conversation as I’d like. Where did they go to college again?” They might think that a Leo speaks for a little too long and too forcefully, without really saying anything. Likewise, a Leo might find an Aquarius a bit too aloof at first and not as forthcoming with their attention. They might think: “Well, who are they paying attention to anyway, if not me? I don’t have time for this!”

If the circumstances are such, the whole thing might just end there. However, if the circumstances permit and the two have the time and space to get to really know each other, then it’s on, and I mean, ON! (In every sense of that word.)

Leo and Aquarius will share that enormous soulmate feeling that is so fleeting in the Zodiac but plentiful in opposite/complement combinations. One thing both signs share is that that they are often misunderstood. Many people who love astrology tend to think of Aquarians as these flaky, mystical creatures who live life only to paint glittery unicorns on their bedroom walls and keep their notebooks in the refrigerator to freeze time. Well, listen, the latter sometimes might be true if they are in fact in the profession of freezing time, but the real truth is that Aquarians are extremely deep, intellectual, and strong people. I don’t actually believe in the idea of genius, but if I did, I’d be apt to call them geniuses (which in fact I have on many occasions). They have deep convictions and tend to be quite idealistic about creating a humane world. They can be critical when they see society not functioning in the way they think it should to be the most humane it can be. This is one of the gifts that they give us. A lot of the misconceptions that people have (Leos included) that Aquarians are aloof or distracted are due to the fact that they spend a good bit of their mental energy with these lofty goals in mind. I also think about this whenever I see a beautiful Aquarius drifting off during a meeting. They are probably thinking about all of the ways they might save humanity. Who cares about the meeting­­––I am just thankful that they care.

The idea of a Leo gets mired as well in astrological cliché. We love to talk about Leos as these self-centered beings, hunting for attention and praise every second of their existence. It is true that no Leo would turn down a good and sincere compliment; however, that is only a small part of the story. Leos are also devoted to helping humanity. They are kind-hearted, and generous (so generous), with their time and concern for others. Like Aquarians, they perform a sort of strength in the moment that they might not be in fact actually feeling. They do this however to protect those around them—they think it’s their job to protect everyone. There is an old rule of astrology that the more confident-seeming the Leo, the more support they might need at home to help with their deep insecurities. This is the case with all of the Fire sign family (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries) who often project extreme confidence, while longing to feel the self-worth that everyone else assumes they feel. Aquarians, who are deceptively actually full of self-confidence, understand these feelings within Leos instinctively, and will rush to help them feel more secure whenever they need them, offering them their eyes, their arms, and their souls completely.

When Leo and Aquarius come together, they form a bond regarding this dichotomy between what people perceive of them publicly and their private selves. Both signs in private are very different things indeed. They also share even more in common the more private they get. They both have a love of the routine and of making things. (In fact, if you want to play the role of matchmaker between a Leo and an Aquarius, just set them up with a craft project. Not only will you have a beautiful mirror decorated with shells at the end of it—of which the Aquarius will know the origin of each shell––but you will also likely have a marriage proposal.) They have a deep love of occult knowledge, hidden tenets of the universe, and also the practical and real-world working of things like machines and systems. They will both have obsessions and preoccupations and will enjoy sharing them with each other, especially if they are about similar topics. They will bond completely over their strong convictions—which they both have—their strong values, and the ways in which these can work together to make a better world.

Like all opposite/complements, what they love in each other can also be their undoing. Some of their success hinges on how much space they can give each other to let one another pursue their own dreams (both have a healthy dose of ambition). Also, the stability that they crave in a partner as Fixed signs can leave them bored with each other. They will both want the option to come to a stable home that they both have created, but they also will want the freedom to do whatever fun thing presents itself in the moment, no questions asked. If this doesn’t work with their type of relationship and they are still committed to making their pairing work just the two of them, then they might instigate fights with each other from time to time (or at least twice weekly) just to spice things up. Both signs don’t really enjoy fighting (like the way an Aries and a Libra might) but they love the feeling afterwards when they each feel like they have won the argument. (Of course, neither of them will have actually won, but let’s not tell them that.)

Hopefully they can make it work. Both signs are delightful and helpful, and like everyone, deserve to be the happiest they can be. Maybe Aquarius poet, Audre Lorde, says it best when she writes: “the evening schools of longing/ through mornings of wish” in her poem, “Movement Song.”  I don’t know if she was talking about being in love with a Leo here, but you never know. Still, her words ring within all Leo-Aquarius relationships, as these “evening[s]…of longing” and “mornings of wish” do seem to sum up the whole experience perfectly.

Well, that’s it for now. We will see you tomorrow night with the horoscopes.