More Full Moon in Virgo and winter trees

Hello friends,

The Full Moon in Virgo is happening this Saturday and it’s going to be beautiful!

You might have heard this already and might be wondering what this means for you. A lot of times these events in the sky are worded in such a way that it feels like you need to be an expert to understand them. But anything in astrology can be at least a little understood when you understand the energies of the signs and what they bring to the event.

So, because it will be a Full Moon in Virgo, knowing the energy of Virgo well and how it affects you is important to understanding how this moon will affect you. For example, if you have a big placement in Virgo (Sun, Moon, Rising), you might feel Saturday more strongly than other people who don’t.

All the signs have crucial attributes and Virgo is no different. Virgo brings a deep caring nature to the zodiac and a love of details. I know you might only think of the clichés about Virgo energy. When you think of Virgo, you might think that all Virgos are just dying to clean your house and organize your closet for you. I mean, I can’t lie: I’ve had a Virgo insist on cleaning out my closet on more than one occasion. I am still haunted remembering a beautiful magenta 80s sweater I threw away at their prompting. (Even though I know they were probably right.)

But all jokes aside, like all the signs, oftentimes Virgo energy is deeply misinterpreted and misunderstood. Mostly their love of order isn’t about this empty need for it, but instead it’s because order is about fairness. Virgos care about everyone. They want everything to be fair and everyone to have everything they need. (This idea transforms into the scales of justice for Libra in the karmic wheel.) When everyone is good and steady and has what they need, Virgo energy calms and all is well.

How to take these ideas and experience the Full Moon in Virgo in the best way? To do this, a question you might ask yourself before and on Saturday is: How can you make changes in your life to feel more grounded and productive? As you consider what these changes might be, you will be ready to meet the Virgo Full Moon full-on.

On Saturday, try to do something that makes you feel centered, whatever that is. Something I was thinking of doing is to go back to something that happened during Virgo season (8/23-9/22), revisit how much has happened since then, and how much that time laid a foundation for what the possibilities of now are.

One thing that happens where I live in Virgo season is the fall. I was thinking of going outside on Saturday and gathering old leaves from the fall that are currently under snow. Then I might put them somewhere like a bowl (or anything else that “cradles” them) and honor all that has happened since they fell from the tree. If you do this, maybe consider also honoring all of the progress you’ve made since last Virgo season. It’s easy not to feel that way this year, but we are all doing awesome!

Some other little rituals you might do for the Virgo Full Moon:

1. Eat something you love to eat. (For me, I might pick raw vegetables cause I love them and also they feel very Virgo to me.) Think of each cell structured within the food and how beautiful it is for it to exist in communion with you as you eat.

2. Take a walk and in your mind, thank three things you see for existing.

3. Ask a friend or family member something you could do to make their day easier and then do it.

4. Think of a new order for something in your home and create it: This could be as complicated as color coding your bookshelf or even just moving that box that you always trip on to a better space. (Or is this just me that has this box, or should I say, boxes?)

5. Do something that you’ve been procrastinating on for a while. The Virgo Full Moon energy will help you.

6. Love a piece of your old clothing: There are so many ways that we think of old clothing as useless, but clothing lives with us each day and deserves respect.  Don’t do the things we often do with our old clothing, like get disgusted with it by being stained or ripped, etc., and hide it away under newer clothes. Think about how far you’ve been with it—what a friend it has been to you—and wear it on Saturday with the sense that you are walking around with an old friend.

7. In the spirit of #6, donate some old clothes on Saturday.

8. Give a donation, however small, to an organization that does work that you believe in.

9. Read this poem by wonderful Virgo poet, Claude McKay:

10. If you feel like writing, make up a poetic form or use one people have loved for a long time, like a sonnet, and write into the form. Dedicate the piece of writing to your best friend and give it them.

Also, if any of these little rituals feel like work, definitely don’t do them! The Full Moon in Virgo can be blessed with anything that makes you feel nourished. A long nap is often the best Full Moon in Virgo blessing of all.

Wishing you all every good thing!