Pisces & Cancer

There are many reasons why people gravitate toward one another. Love, power, money, someone that reminds you of someone else you should probably work through in therapy. As a Sagittarius, I’m skeptical of partnership because most of it seems to happen for opportunistic reasons. If not at first, then likely down the line. And that’s depressing to me because I’m also an idealist. Real love should be the only reason to ruin your life (if you know what I mean).

It’s all a gamble, but the connection between Pisces and Cancer is psychic. It’s deeply spiritual. It has roots. There’s something electric about it.

If you think about a summer lake, somewhere remote though very much quaint (with a few spots to stay away from because someone probably drowned there)—that’s Cancer. The days are long. It’s June then July. There’s a kind of stillness that passes for peace.

And if you imagine the ocean—I would say the Pacific (I would say the Pacific on a very cold night)—that’s Pisces. So much is underneath. Though what you see are the waves. The turbulence. The surface of the water and below it: memory, time, the dead and the living. An entire alternative world that is somehow in this one.

Remember the ocean is very old. It probably knows more than anyone.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It’s a cardinal water sign. Meaning it likes to lead and it likes to feel. Cancers in relationships are giving and incredibly bossy. They hide this by their demonstrative sweetness, which is real. And yet they also have a tendency to covet power over their partners. I wouldn’t want to be in a fight with a Cancer. Not only because they hold grudges, but also because their emotional vocabulary is so evolved, it’s difficult to refute them. They really sound like they know what they’re talking about (and mostly they do). Even though what they’re talking about is what you said or did that hurt them, and how x,y,z is the proof. Except through metaphor. Only metaphor, of course! They’re not exactly direct.

What makes Cancers great partners, even if they’re always telling the story about their feelings not being considered, is that they’ll fully consider yours. They almost know what they’re doing. Putting their partner first and then complaining about it. They kind of even like that. When a Cancer says “does anyone need anything,” what they really mean is “does anyone need me.” And that “anyone” translates to you. They want you to need them. They’re tied to their relationships in a way that can be unhealthy, but also earnest and real. Cancers would die for love.

Pisces, on the other hand, is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. They come after everyone else. They’ve learned so much but won’t ever make you feel that way. They seem almost childlike. They’re pure.

Pisces are also a mutable water sign. Their changes in mood are abrupt. In love, they are receptive but also incredibly difficult because they try, and can’t mask anything. Mostly, this is for the best. They are always testing out if you can see the real them. Pisces are obsessed with being seen and also terrified of it. Love is a minefield for them. They can last an eternity or a day there.

The thing about Pisces and Cancer is that they understand each others’ psyches. It’s like putting two sponges in a bucket of water, except the sponges have consciousness somehow. This is a pair that’s exceptionally loyal, even as they test boundaries and do very bad things. That’s likely to happen. There may even be some kind of (emotional) cheating involved (no offense but probably on the Cancer’s end when they aren’t feeling “appreciated”). And still, when you have two talkers and feelers, most things work out. Though this couple will remember and hold onto those things forever. Pisces can’t escape memory. Neither can Cancers. They’re not the most easy going of signs.

My favorite Pisces and Cancer couple is Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. They got married on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii on February 24 (Pisces season) in 1992. If you’ve never seen the HBO documentary about Kurt, Montage of Heck, I highly recommend it. For many reasons, one of which is the home movies Kurt and Courtney made, doing absolutely nothing, being entirely satisfied to be away from the world. They cut each other’s hair, listen to music, smoke, play ridiculous games and proclaim their love for each other (in grandiose and dramatic ways). The banal every day (because let’s face it, most of life is terribly boring) is actually very exciting to a Pisces and Cancer in love. If they could, they’d swim in that river forever. What you’ll see between this astrological pair is the enormous respect they have for partnership. To them, partnership is the most holy thing there is. They live to be with another person. That’s the best of life to them.

AD | Sagittarius sun | Pisces moon