Scorpio Full Moon

I hope we’re all ready for the full moon in Scorpio because it’s a big one. It’s a super moon. The perfect opportunity to open yourself up to some crazy, passionate, full on obsessive shit. Here’s a list of things to do if you want to get wild.

Scorpio Moon To Do List

1. Delete one ex from your phone
2. After approximately 2 drinks, text a recent crush
3. After 3 drinks, text them again
4. Read “Epitaph for Fire and Flower” by Sylvia Plath. (Scorpio, obviously.)
5. Write down 7 memories of winter on a piece of paper
6. Set that piece of paper on fire in a bowl of water
7. Write down 7 memories of summer on a piece of paper
8. Bury that piece of paper in a park or near a tree
9. Listen to Lorde’s “Ribs” on repeat 69 times

Tell us your 5 and 7 if you’re up for it. We want to know.

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