Taurus & Cancer

Dear friends,

I hope that you all are doing well today!

I’m thrilled to be writing, because with this post we are starting a new adventure. Aside from all of the ways we will be sharing our ideas about astrology and poetry with you on this Substack, we are also using the space as a way to do some writing for a new book. This book will explore how the signs interact in love relationships in a poetic way and we will drafting it first here. Every week, we will go through a new pair and will meditate on the wonderful ways the signs interact together in love.

We don’t have a definite pattern set up for how we will go through the sign pairs. So today I am going to discuss Taurus and Cancer and next week Alex will go through his thoughts on a different pair. We hope that each week it will be a bit of a surprise! We also promise to get through all of the pairs eventually (although it is going to take many weeks to do that).

One thing to mention though however is an important element to the whole undertaking. For these meditations on the pairs, we are focusing on sun signs. Our astrology does tend to be sun sign focused and this isn’t the practice of all astrology. We love all the placements (in fact, my favorite is the moon sign), but the sun sign tends to be one people continue to think of when they think of major love compatibility, so we will stick with that.

All this being said, there is so much more to astrology than the sun sign—and there is much more to love compatibility than the sun sign as well—but it’s still a beautiful thing to consider. And I hope that it goes without saying, but also when it comes to love, astrology definitely isn’t everything either. It’s just one way to think about human interaction and it’s fascinating.

We’ve all had good and bad relationships that do and don’t match up with the stars. I’ve had great astrological matches that never really got off the ground and horrible matches astrology-wise that were completely magical. One way to look at it is that maybe our moon signs or other placements contributed and that is a real thing, but obviously those aren’t the only factors. The way we get along with each other is a multiplication of a (infinite) set of factors, each of them deserving of love and respect. Astrology is just one tiny way to understand each other and our place in the universe. Hopefully, for all of us on here, it’s a fun one.

Whew, I’ve said a lot already without even getting to our pair for the week yet. Anyway, our pair for this week is: Taurus and Cancer! I am so excited by this pair as it’s my favorite one in the zodiac. (I might say that about all of the pairs.)

I’ll just get to the moral of the story first: Taurus and Cancer is a super match. There are many reasons for this fact. The first of which is that they are in the elements of Earth (Taurus) and Water (Cancer). In astrology, signs in the same element tend to get along very well with each other and signs in compatible elements do as well. So Water signs tend to love other Water signs and Earth signs tend to love other Earth Signs, and Earth and Water signs also really love each other. (We will discuss more about Fire and Air signs in other posts.) Like so many ideas in astrology, you don’t need to be an expert to understand why. If you think of a pile of earth and a cup of water, you can just intuitively get why they love each other. Water nourishes earth to make things grow and earth grounds water and gives it a space to shape itself into. The same goes for any Earth and Water sign pairing—they just feed off of each other and give each other the things they need to thrive.

This is so much the case with Taurus and Cancer. Taurus is Fixed Earth and Cancer is Cardinal Water. Fixed and Cardinal are essences of the elements that also affect their relationships to each other. (Each element has a Fixed, Cardinal, and Mutable sign within it and we will discuss this more in later posts, too.) The important thing to consider is Cardinal signs are the leaders of the zodiac and that Fixed signs are the loyal ones. So, when the Cardinal Water sign Cancer comes together with Fixed Earth sign Taurus, there tends to be a lot of deep attraction (big emphasis on deep here) and enduring stability. They are also sextile and two signs away from each other on the karmic wheel. This brings an ease to their interaction, a sense of friendship, and mutual respect and concern.

Both Taurus and Cancer want to love endlessly and they want to believe that true love lasts forever. They can feel this need in each other and it gives them the strength to believe in their union. Fixed Taurus is known for being stubborn, but it also doesn’t really like to lead. Cardinal Cancer LOVES to lead and is glad to have someone as steadfast as a Taurus in their corner to go along with them throughout the bad and good of life.

Well, let me revise this above: Taurus doesn’t like to lead, but it also definitely doesn’t like to be led. It’s a tricky thing to try and get a Taurus to do something because you have to somehow make them feel like they are making the decision to do something on their own. As an Aries myself, I’ve always found that hard to finesse, because I am always confused when someone doesn’t just follow me when I say the words: let’s go. But Cancer is a much more subtle and sophisticated companion for Taurus. They will use their charms to make Taurus feel valued and Taurus will easily go along with whatever Cancer has planned for the both of them.

However, Cancers don’t use their charms on Taurus because they are trying to trick them—it’s because they do value them and their opinions. They want to know what they think about something and will consult them in making decisions that affect both of them (even though Cancer will always have the final say). In a love relationship, Cancer will always look to Taurus as an ethical guidepost, testing their own ideas against theirs. As they join in a peaceful partnership, they will strive to live lives that promote kindness, generosity, and care towards others, particularly their immediate family. They will use their knack for accumulating resources, so that they can share them as needed and necessary. A home made by a Taurus and a Cancer is a warm home, stocked with everything you need and with lots of baked goods to spare.

Cancer and Taurus love to be near each other and to physically be able to touch. (This is why sometimes a long distance relationship between them might not work.) Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a very physical sign and a lover of food and drink and all things pleasurable. Cancer understands this deeply and loves cooking for their Taurus. The two signs love to caress each other, hold hands, and kiss.

Ruled by the moon, Cancer has many emotions that bubble to the surface during each day (and especially at night). Taurus is an emotional sign as well and will enjoy learning about Cancer’s feelings. They will want to be there for their Cancer, especially during an intense display of sadness, joy, or anger. They too have their own intense feelings, it’s just that they don’t always let people see them, as they tend to feel maintaining a placid veneer is a sign of strength. But the love of a Cancer will give them the space to display their emotions and the water they need to grow the glorious tree of their feelings.

But maybe the most important thing to remember between a Taurus and Cancer pairing is trust. Both signs need an immense trust to feel comfortable loving someone, and they both value the importance of the trust. The good news: Taurus and Cancer can trust each other. In the space of mutual trust, a true love between them will hotly blossom with flamingo pink and lilac petals forever.

For our last book, we each took particular signs, wrote chapters about each of them, and also wrote little text interactions between each love sign pair. I wrote the Taurus and Cancer chapters and the text interactions between the two signs, so I thought it would be fun to share one of them here:

Cancer: I sewed your initials on my shirt

Taurus: I got a locket with your baby picture

Cancer: I tattooed your grandmother’s picture on my chest

Taurus: I named a star after you

The Cancer and Taurus pair goes on this way for all eternity. (Or at least most of the time.) When they come together, they will want their union to last and to mean something. Meaning itself is so very important to the both of them. They will love all of the little things about each other and cherish their pasts in order to build a future together. They will work tirelessly to construct a fair and calm space together, a garden of delights that is also delightful to everyone else around them.

So, if you are a Taurus and you lock eyes with a moon-laced Cancer, count your days lucky. Likewise, if you’re a Cancer and see that super sexy Taurus headed your way, let your inner workings settle, you are in for something you’ve only dreamt about thus far. Both of you will make each other laugh and also cry tears of happiness everyday at what an enormous bounty you’ve found together.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be writing tomorrow night with our weekly horoscopes.

Wishing you all a majestic evening!

Love, in the stars and on Earth,