Taurus & Scorpio

Individually, Taurus and Scorpio are perhaps the most stubborn and sensual signs of the zodiac. They’re also opposites on the karmic wheel. This means they’re incredibly attracted to one another. A lot of freaky shit can happen between them. The sex will be hot. It’s the kind of sex that can keep a couple together when a lot of other things are going wrong and there’s a high chance of that happening.

The intensity between this pair is off the charts. That’s the good and bad news. The Taurus will want to control everything materially. The Scorpio will plot to do the same emotionally. In fact, a Scorpio is always plotting. No matter what sign you are, when you are with a Scorpio you’re fully theirs. Under their spell and subject to their hot ass emotional mind games.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign and Scorpio is a fixed water sign. I think of Scorpios as the deepest water and Taurus as the most extravagant earth. If this sounds a little scary it’s because it is. Both of these signs are incredibly ambitious. This is a couple with dreams. They’re seductive and they know how to work a room. They also know how to work each other and are very emotionally intelligent. With both of them being fixed, they’re in it for the long haul. Their intentions are forever but you know Scorpios always come in saying forever and leave with about two or fifty-five lovers on speed dial.

That’s one big difference between them. Romantic approach. A Taurus will be measured. They take their time because they fear being rejected and because they like to build a foundation. There’s that old joke about it taking eighty four years for a Taurus to ask you out on a second date. They’re probably writing you a long letter by hand in those eighty four years. And they’ll probably never send it but just know that it’s there. Being with a Taurus is so, so deeply romantic. They will pull out all the stops and do it slowly. By the end you’ll feel obsessed and safe with them at the same time.

Scorpios on the other hand have a hard time trusting people but the intensity and passion are up front. They will demonstrate this physically. They will use their allure and throw everything at you until you’re absolutely dizzy with wanting them. And to be honest, you have little choice about giving in or not. Scorpio magnetism is addictive. Once you’ve been with a Scorpio everyone else will seem boring. That’s because they are. Scorpios are out here reading you Sylvia Plath at four in the morning. They’re painting you naked or thinking about painting you naked or getting you naked and painting on you. If you’re afraid to be vulnerable, stay away baby. Being with a Scorpio is like being in a cult. There’s no going back to normal life.

Lee Krasner (Scorpio), 1955

So what could go wrong really? Hmm. Well, have you ever seen a Taurus mad? Yeah, I have too and I never want to again. I try not to get in any arguments with earth signs but especially with Taurus people. It’s like talking to a brick wall. Like being lectured about your entire life and everything you’ve done wrong. Don’t ever come for a Taurus. They have their tastes and they have their routines and you’re not going to change them. Accept them from the beginning or just move along. There’s no text you can send that will give you the upper hand or intimidate them. Once you’re on a Taurus’s shit list it’s a cold and lonely planet. Good luck getting off it.

Meanwhile, Scorpios think they can manipulate anyone into doing anything. That’s because they can. It’s actually so hot being manipulated by a Scorpio. They throw so much attention your way. And so much care too. All jokes aside, love is very sacred to Scorpios. They see it as the ultimate union and will pursue it intensely. If they come off as a little crazy it’s because they really see the potential for romantic rapture. Or have had it and will go to any lengths to have it again. Scorpios are not for the faint of heart. Their mood swings and sex drives are famous for good reason.

This is a couple you’ll see at a party and be a little intimidated by. The Scorpio will seem flirty and the Taurus will seem stoic but it’s actually, often times, the opposite. The surface is the reverse of what’s underneath. Scorpios are always trying to leave the party and get you in a room alone with them. And Taurus people want to tell you a million stories over many bottles of wine while they feed you cigarettes and desserts and whiskey, so much so that you’ll feel like you’re in a pleasure dome. You can see how intoxicating it all can be. It’s truly about the sensual world with this couple. If they can tolerate their own rigidities, they can last a long time.

AD | Sagittarius sun | Pisces moon