Taurus New Moon

The New Moon in Taurus will happen just before 3pm EST tomorrow. I hope you’re ready for it. The last few days…I could have sworn it had already happened. But now I am actually starting to feel it—that familiar and welcoming embrace of Taurus love.

What do you think of when you think of Taurus energy? For me, it has always been strength. Taurus knows to hold you and to hold on, and this New Moon will hold all of us. It will give us the ability to really go after what we want and to make us focus on what deeply matters to us. What matters to us now and what will matter to us years from now—that’s what this moon will bring into the forefront of our lives.

The other thing I think of when I think of Taurus is decadence. Taurus loves the lavish, the beautiful, the velvet of everything. What this can mean for all of us is simply to love others and ourselves decadently. To go that little extra bit more in demonstrating how much we care. After all that’s what a Taurus would do for us.

So, in the spirit of the New Moon, let’s do something nice for others and especially for ourselves. What is something you need in the deepest places? However you can, give yourself that tomorrow.

Here are some other things you might do to celebrate the Taurus New Moon these next few days:

1.     Look through some old pictures of yourself and feel proud of all of the stages of your life so far. Think about how much you’ve grown and how hard it was, and how you did it with grace because you’re awesome.

2.     Eat a food that feels very fancy to you.

3.     Spend some time slowly drinking something and reading a favorite book leisurely. (Don’t look at your phone at all while you are doing this.)

4.     Paint something using a medley of dark greens.

5.     Go for a walk and admire the trees.

6.     Go to an online concert.

7.     Call someone who matters to you and talk to them for hours.

Wishing you so much love this Taurus New Moon!