Virgo & Capricorn

Louise Bourgeois (Capricorn), 2007

People often ask if there’s a perfect match in the zodiac. A 10. Seamless and harmonious partnership. That person you can sit in silence with and almost forget they are there. Here’s the thing (and you already know this): there’s not. Not on Earth anyhow. But that’s actually good news because a key to romantic longevity is allowing even the friction between you and your partner to work for you. This is rare, of course. It involves a kind of spiritual alignment where both people are looking in the same direction yet willing to travel the distance in a way they hadn’t imagined. A way their partner may have imagined for them. It takes trust and loyalty. And that’s the basis of a Capricorn and Virgo bond. They are one of the most classic matches in the zodiac for many reasons, one of them being how well they navigate each others’ bossiness.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) always want to lead. They not only have a plan but a confidence that their plan will actually get “results”—a word they love. Other words they love being: “no,” “eta?” & “I’m here.” All to say that, when you put two Earth signs together, things can get a little tense. The first question being, who is in charge? And who will actually listen?

Not to say something controversial but true, although to say something controversial but true—Capricorns are everybody’s boss. Whether you know it or not, a Capricorn actually runs and controls your life. And if you don’t know any Capricorns, trust me you do. Subconsciously. Metaphorically. Whatever.

So here’s the situation: Capricorns are a cardinal sign. They take charge. They make things happen. They more or less get the job done. And Virgos are a mutable sign. They can adapt to anything. Change course when they see things aren’t working. Come up with a back up plan in a matter of blinks.

When you put these two together, what you’re going to get is a good foundation to build from. Capricorn and Virgo should be in business together. Like actual business, with money involved. They should get married and invest in all kinds of real estate. They should have many kids. They should probably run something bigger than their marriage. Like an organization or another country they start.

This is not a couple that’s challenged in attaining material things for themselves and each other. The physical world will be abundant for them. The Virgo will nurture the emotional side of the relationship and the Capricorn will nurture their ego. Just kidding (sort of). Because if there is a problem, you know it’s that one.

Capricorns have huge egos. Rightfully so because they’re right 91% of the time. Virgos on the other hand are right 92% of the time and do it with more grace. Virgos do not like confrontation. They will not fight. So when they see their Capricorn partner digging into them or someone else, they’ll likely shut down. They’ll process. They’ll come back with an analysis of the situation the next week or month (because it does take them a while), and lay it all out. Calmly. With something they baked to offer you as a way to deflect.

Good communication is what Capricorn and Virgo have going for them. I like to think of Capricorns as always giving a presentation at a job or in front of a class. When you’re talking to them, it’s almost like you’re not talking to them. They’re talking at you and telling you about their opinion of your life. Or their opinion of everyone else’s life.

We all know Virgos are different. Virgos are the most empathetic Earth sign. They actually listen and they’re very good at reading the room. They know that a Capricorn has to put on a little show before they make a point. And they’ll let them. Virgos will stand back and let Capricorns think they’re in charge. But truly, the person in charge is the person with more emotional and intuitive intelligence. And that’s Virgos in most cases (not with a Scorpio, obviously—Scorpios feel and know everything).

Capricorn and Virgo are the couple who invite you to an adult and lavish dinner party. They’re the couple who take you to their summer house and their winter house and their house in the mountains where they just “tune the world out.” They like to show off their stability. They like to make a point that they’ve worked very hard to attain it. But they’re never tacky or crass. This is a very generous pair. Since they have a lot of their shit figured out, they’re very willing to share their lives and help others.

Both signs do not like to admit to weakness or appear vulnerable. They’re not going to turn anything into a therapy session, even their own therapy sessions. They’re also not going to be a cliché. This isn’t a lovey-dovey let’s make a big deal about Valentine’s Day couple. Do not expect them to be water signs. Capricorn and Virgo are an understated, perfectly fitting dress walking into a room with all the right accessories. They’re the confidently quiet person at a party, drinking Scotch. The person you want to be friends with.

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