Week of 2/28 Horoscopes

Week of 2/28 in Aries: It’s time to listen to what the guides are saying. You need to do this and to finish what you’ve started. Maybe it’s an ending you are scared of but no, it’s only a beginning. You will feel all of the rushing warmth again. But you must actually open up to what is about to happen—you will be protected.

Week of 2/28 in Taurus: Gold and a little flair and yes, you’re smiling again. Holding three ideas is definitely better than one, but how can you combine them? Give a hug to the day that brings you oranges. Take note of who is listening. They will give you secrets that will help you.

Week of 2/28 in Gemini: Floating on a cloud is where they will find you. It could be a new infusion of love is helping you rethink things. Or maybe the ways of holding have helped you understand again what is real. Make sure you understand what is worthy of your time. Only give to those who love to dance near the trees.

Week of 2/28 in Cancer: Two things set up on top of the table. It might be time to make a cake again. Whatever the case, it will be time to celebrate. Red infused in the tabletop will also yield green. You will present everything you’ve been working on and they will like it.

Week of 2/28 in Leo: Standing among the plants will be some sort of gold locket. The light from the planet will be in half. And from the lamp, there will an even brighter light. You can use it to study what has happened. And with the lights off you can see what will be.

Week of 2/28 in Virgo: It’s now so clear what you need to do. You will think that this has happened or has been said before. Instead love will ring around night and all its confessions. Bright pink auras and echoes of love long past and present. There, what is waiting for you is a cup to drink from.

Week of 2/28 in Libra: There is a bit of understanding that will need to happen for others to understand. You can’t make them and you can’t make the light appear brighter. Instead it’s with action that you can see the blue and green. You hold a ring in your palm as a gift. Who you give it to will surprise you.

Week of 2/28 in Scorpio: A sense of calm and balance will be pervasive. You will want to tell someone something, finally, but won’t find the words at the ready. Just because they don’t jump immediately doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Like every time, they wait, too. Soon you will communicate the right way.

Week of 2/28 in Sagittarius: It’s a surprise really, the way you find yourself swinging back and forth now. Too much though you are going on the up of the ride, ready to miss the inevitable. Looking to the left you will see the purple sun. Riding into it—you have really left the song now. Still, there’s the endless music and poetry.

Week of 2/28 in Capricorn: An even newer beginning is working. So many things are held up in two hands. But with one movement you will make things peaceful again. A friend will come into the picture. Soon you will realize you love them.

Week of 2/28 in Aquarius: Perfectly placed are the ideas that arise from dreams. You might smile a lot. There will also be lots of picture taking as you move around the bend. Wisps of grey and green make harmony as you continue. A small boat holds no answer nor an illusion.

Week of 2/28 in Pisces: So much has happened already you will be quick to judge it. But better yet to let the form of it settle into the air. Two companions have already committed to the journey. Whoever is next is ready to be there forever. The person you long the most for will be ready, too.