Week of 3/14 Horoscopes

Week of 3/14 in Aries: You are holding back again even though you know it’s all over. It’s up to you now just to make it happen. It’s going to be good and with momentum. But now you must make the momentum. Green and blue wings surround the surface.

Week of 3/14 in Taurus: It has been a swirl of time to contend with. Also, you must contend with how you feel always. In the bitter morning you can still find the day. You will find it. Even if you feel you have looked everywhere, look again.

Week of 3/14 in Gemini: A tendency to examine the letters too closely will lead to a bit of confusion. Just keep the movement up if you can. You will want to clean your house thoroughly, but that doesn’t mean just throwing everything away. Everything you have built this year is important. It’s not invisible—it’s there.

Week of 3/14 in Cancer: Once again you feel hope rising everywhere. Holding those you trust will make it even clearer. A square bottle of aqua blue holds every dream. What moments are you saving. If you need to, paint the blue flowers on every place that you want to remember.

Week of 3/14 in Leo: You are in the middle of a space holding several objects. Your coat is long and you open it to let loose the new energy. You are almost there but you might need to push some people forward. In order to move on your own you will need two friends. Find them already by your side.

Week of 3/14 in Virgo: Things are starting to truly go in the direction of the present. You will mix the blue and blue-green in a big blue bowl. There are secrets only you know in the song. You can write them down and you can sing them. A blurry picture tells you the entire story.

Week of 3/14 in Libra: It’s the time of the morning where you have drawn up the landscape. It’s the sitting over at the table where there is a very pretty glass of water. Ovals of time spilling forth in front of you. So much abundance and life there will be. Everything in itself is waiting for these next days.

Week of 3/14 in Scorpio: You are making someone feel something and you wonder what part is personal. It all is and you can be sure of that. Sitting on the wooden shelf is something you left. It’s still there and you can find it easily. So many sounds will play out but only one will echo.

Week of 3/14 in Sagittarius: There are instincts you have that are correct. Follow them and keep knowing how important you are to everything turning. You have embraced the part of time that is almost dusk. If you aren’t ready, then decide you are—it’s time. This is the time of the day when you are closest to the future.

Week of 3/14 in Capricorn: At two ends you have someplace to go. But only one of them moves you, so why not choose it. You can do what you must and what you want to do—they are one. As you walk along, keep reading. Write down what you notice and every important feeling.

Week of 3/14 in Aquarius: A person who watches has much to tell you. It may be that this is you. You are looking closely at how things unfold. You may be the person doing the unfolding. If you are, it’s for a good purpose—don’t worry and keep going.

Week of 3/14 in Pisces: Deep in a moment long ago you dreamt of this. You knew it would be this way, holding up as you are the carton of infinity. You might have an instinct to look into the past, but that’s not the place that this resides. When you hide it in a book, it’s lost. But this moment isn’t lost—you found this.