Week of 3/21 Horoscopes

Week of 3/21 in Aries: For you time is still the same as it always was, but something has changed. When you move in doubt, move the thing itself. Blue and yellow-green music will be playing when you get the call. Hold up your hand so they know it’s you. It’s yours.

Week of 3/21 in Taurus: Holding it in balance is all you’ve ever wanted. But now you must see both sides simultaneously. Is it part of the fantasy to let the circle be the guidepost. Or is it part of the home you are making. Let the light enter the room.

Week of 3/21 in Gemini: You could have sworn that you said it before. But no when you look again, it’s not even there. Gently, you will love it all so deeply. In the cool air nine cups full of water. You have to know that this spell will take patience.

Week of 3/21 in Cancer: Someone is pushing their energy out to you. In the night you will be happiest. There is something still to be settled. You will only see it as a beginning. If you can, wake up early to finish.

Week of 3/21 in Leo: There is a house with three windows. One is yours but you are outside looking up at it. There are so many things still to find until you go inside. But once you do, you will be so peaceful. In the peach sky you can see your name.

Week of 3/21 in Virgo: You have come this far and now it’s only going to get better. A stripe of sun will drench the entire room. In fact if you were worried that something is over, don’t be. Instead a blossoming will envelop you. A smile is hidden in every photograph.

Week of 3/21 in Libra: You might find yourself watching old movies. That’s because you have magic to do. On the shelf an object that means something to you. There will be travel and delight. You will find new energy.

Week of 3/21 in Scorpio: Under the table there is the note you left a year ago. Is it to yourself or to someone you love? It will seem like it was written by another person. There is an animal that you love. Give it every treat in the house.

Week of 3/21 in Sagittarius: On the curve of the landscape there is a stone. You can go up to it if you want. But better yet it’s good to know it’s there. You might feel tired, but you are building up momentum. Keep running towards the good things.

Week of 3/21 in Capricorn:  A leaf or two that blows in the breeze is enough of an inspiration right now. You won’t need to grow anything. Still you may do it by habit. The newness of an idea always excites you. Someone you love will give you a present.

Week of 3/21 in Aquarius: It turns and turns but this is still your lucky time. As you look closer you will see all of the possibilities just sitting there like flower buds. If you want to, draw a rose. If you don’t, then give something like it to someone you love. Sometimes even talking can change almost everything.

Week of 3/21 in Pisces: It has been a long time. You feel this more than ever before. On the edge of the window is a bird and a rainbow. You know that nothing can keep you from dreaming. Ask someone special to dream with you.