Week of 3/28 Horoscopes

Week of 3/28 in Aries: The proof is already here. It’s true now and will be true forever. But sometimes what you hold in your heart is not what others do. This can be hard for you to understand, too. Express kindness.

Week of 3/28 in Taurus: There will be frustration along with balance. What can be achieved in a second is not necessarily good. You know this. But it’s not bad either. Put the metal bowl in the sun for the best effect.

Week of 3/28 in Gemini: Finding something perfect is a goal. But is it one you should spend your time on now. No one can answer that but you. Or your best friend, who is currently wandering nearby in purple. Ask them and ask everyone.

Week of 3/28 in Cancer: Sitting at the table you have held up two wands. Maybe it’s not the phone call you want. You’ve lost touch with it but also your mind is ready. Write down the two words. Then say them.

Week of 3/28 in Leo: In the middle of the grassy place there are four flowers. It’s not necessary to go there. You will embrace wildly. It’s all fine now, really. Twirl a little—this is your time again.

Week of 3/28 in Virgo: It can be said that so many things are endless. You don’t want that, but you don’t want things to end either. Quiet your thoughts by putting a clear bowl on the table. Water is a gift. You are a gift, too.

Week of 3/28 in Libra: For now you are coming back into the space where they are. Still, you hold above your head a yellow light. Be open to what others are saying. They only want the best for you. Listen to them.

Week of 3/28 in Scorpio: It’s a tender feeling when everything comes together. Let yourself go there. All the stress is amounting to a celebration of sorts. It’s amazing what can be shown in this orange light. Shining and shining—it’s you.

Week of 3/28 in Sagittarius: Picking up the place where you left off is the best place of all to begin. It’s not really part of the story, but it is the beginning of it. Don’t forget that your friends love you. A star with so many points. It looks so bright against the bright sky—cherish it.

Week of 3/28 in Capricorn: Could you remember this time so many weeks ago. You could and you do. Use the memory to build upon this day. A strength of character is what you are after. You have that and a light that is leading the way.

Week of 3/28 in Aquarius: A cake or two is waiting for you. But you’d rather go and roll around. Either one will be enjoyable, but is that what you want. A good and lengthy study of something. It will find you.

Week of 3/28 in Pisces: Three pieces of rock can be quite special. In fact there is magic in so many places. Don’t cut yourself off from it. Open the window and the door. Let the good things in.