Week of 3/7 Horoscopes

Week of 3/7 in Aries: Everything is a violet-tinted landscape to you. But that’s hopeful and you must realize that. All you need is to keep going. It’s the same message but in the seashell you see the difference. It’s all very fast—that’s also a good thing.

Week of 3/7 in Taurus: You’ve come to realize what sort of love is important to you. Family and the pink submergence of it. In the necklace again is a picture of someone very much there. It’s not locked—it’s safe within your heart.  Listen to it and you have everything to gain.

Week of 3/7 in Gemini: A lot of new ideas can be attributed to things you have already finished. In the thread of the ending is the beginning you were searching for. Don’t start from scratch when there are foundations you have built. Remember friendship and the blue lights. In the song there is the line about you—you will find it.

Week of 3/7 in Cancer: There is a story you have been working on. It’s from a place yet undiscovered and that is why it is exciting. After the nightfall, you might want to go underwater. Take someone with you who you already dream about. The real life can be a dream.

Week of 3/7 in Leo: A pattern is also a kind of holiness. It’s not all bad for things to match up. Right now you will find the rhythm that makes it work. You don’t need to devise it—it’s simply part of everyday life. If you can be sure of anything, it’s that this plan will go forward.

Week of 3/7 in Virgo: It’s not a normal day. Don’t fret and instead embrace the part where you put this idea into the air. There will be reunions full of daffodils. You will have planted them. Remember your own supreme strength.

Week of 3/7 in Libra: There’s a kind of way of saying things and you know how to say it. All along the part of the book where the middle opens you will open up, too. It’s said by someone that once you left a note there. Who is the recipient? That part isn’t important at this point.

Week of 3/7 in Scorpio: The conflict is also the healing. Some thoughts will come to the surface. The ways in which this new thinking will come to present itself will be more than exciting. In fact everything you have been waiting for is here again. This might mean an adventure of your dreams.

Week of 3/7 in Sagittarius: You are trying to be there for someone. They might not completely hear what you are saying. Or instead they might be in the other room listening to the past. Repeat yourself. Support often requires repetition.

Week of 3/7 in Capricorn: A dance is a sort of ecstasy. You will find yourself in scarves in the middle room. There may be other people there or not. It’s no matter––this music plays on. You can do this alone, but why would you want to?

Week of 3/7 in Aquarius: A kind of odd light has entered the room. It’s your turn to make magic with it. It’s the place where the set of things can begin. Have faith in the entrance. That’s you taking the stage and doing your best.

Week of 3/7 in Pisces: A good friend is everything. You will remember that this week as you are one. So many things that had settled now are steady. It’s a very different day. You might mention this to yourself but only memory holds the multiplied joy.