Week of 4/11 Horoscopes

Week of 4/11 in Aries: The time is now to bring in the green landing. You will weigh so many options. The real choice is beyond obvious. Take solace in the red flowers. No one else can do this but you.

Week of 4/11 in Taurus: You’ve gone places but none are as bright as this. You will fall in love with a plate. Your ideas cannot be contained. Keep dreaming dreams of right now. Something monumental is on its way.

Week of 4/11 in Gemini: There is a type of fixture that you can focus on. But instead of that why not hang up everything beautiful. You haven’t even begun. Take comfort in that while you are waiting. You won’t have to wait much longer.

Week of 4/11 in Cancer: There was a lot you needed to do but now you have more time to sit and think. You might ponder several questions. Don’t worry yet about an answer. There is a turtle. There is a book with a turtle on it that can help you.

Week of 4/11 in Leo: It’s time for a gentle sleep. Then after get ready to really work. All of your tools are ready and you will be, too. A lemon and a fig are on the table. If you can, invite someone to join you.

Week of 4/11 in Virgo: You will be so helpful to a friend. There is a way that you always know what to say at the right time. Now is a good time to also say what you mean. If you love, then love. Right now honesty will help you.

Week of 4/11 in Libra: Purple gauze and a moon. You will stand on a rock for a long time. Conversation has its benefits and there are many. Riches will be coming to you. If you can, dedicate something to a person you love.

Week of 4/11 in Scorpio: On a tray is a series of turquoise cups. Make sure you fill one for yourself. You can hand anything to a friend and they will step up. But those who don’t, remember that. You have a real friend still in the middle of everything.

Week of 4/11 in Sagittarius: Two butterflies are perched in the ether. They are going and coming and leaving again. So too your heart finds its own balance. You don’t have to throw out the past to have a good future. Remember everything you have learned.

Week of 4/11 in Capricorn: An ice bucket can hold so much. Tears will fall out of joy. Now you can circle around the edge of the situation. Painted on every scarf is your story. Taken together it’s a great story.

Week of 4/11 in Aquarius: You might be getting ready for something. It’s hard to know yet. You are looking far off in the distance. It might not be over yet. In fact, it’s the opposite of over.

Week of 4/11 in Pisces: You will have to do some extra work. You won’t mind this because it is about something you love. A bowl of cheerful songs will sit there. Pick it up and pick one. Your song now is a happy song.