Week of 4/18 Horoscopes

Week of 4/18 in Aries: It has happened already. In some far off space, it has occurred. Remember that when you get scared. There is no wrong choice. There is only action.

Week of 4/18 in Taurus: You will meet your match. There will be pleasure and also candles. In the green arrangement you might put a rose or two. If you can, write it all down. It’s true that you were waiting for this.

Week of 4/18 in Gemini: In one hand there is a golden ring. In the other there is the future. You are stuck deep down in what you feel might be endless. But that’s the last thing you want. Hold fast into the beginning.

Week of 4/18 in Cancer: You are a great friend. Many people will thank you for what you have done for them. No one will be more grateful than your future self. Behind you will be all of the things you have earned. Have a little fun whenever you can.

Week of 4/18 in Leo: On the horizon the pink abundance. But right here there is happiness. Don’t sing a song you don’t know. Be in the midst of what you do. Someone is there to help you.

Week of 4/18 in Virgo: Your friendships are strong now. You will go to the edge of it and speak what you feel. What you dream of will be good and long-lasting. You are proud of the work you have done. You should celebrate.

Week of 4/18 in Libra: There’s a sight of you in the middle of the forest. Who is waiting there. You have dreams of what might become of all of this. Keep looking and moving forward. Everything will be so sweet and purple.

Week of 4/18 in Scorpio: Someone holds the flower for you. They smile when they are around because you bring light to them. Try as best as you can to trust it. Take the flower. Take everything.

Week of 4/18 in Sagittarius: You are looking out of the window. All you see are stars that hold the ineffable. There will be waiting and then rejoicing. It’s ecstasy in the boldest places. In every tough moment there is a sun.

Week of 4/18 in Capricorn: Against the peach wall there are roses. You stand close to them now. You will continue to breathe in the sweetness. On the edge of the forest there is a note. It was written by you.

Week of 4/18 in Aquarius: You have focus now. It might be a good time to start the plan again. Or to have a new plan that bears everything intensely. You are running to meet someone. In your hands there are fruit and green pencils.

Week of 4/18 in Pisces: It’s clear what part this is for. You are now in the front of the car moving it forward. It’s often that you get to say what you want to. Now say it loudly. People are watching you shine.