Week of 4/25 Horoscopes

Week of 4/25 in Aries: Speaking your feelings will never be the wrong thing to do. Although it can be hard, you should just say everything. There is momentum. Even though for you it might seem too slow, things are moving. Hold your arms out to embrace it.

Week of 4/25 in Taurus: It has almost been a while now but not quite. You will still look to the letters for anything like a solution. If you can, hold your head up high. There’s nothing quite like the sky. And you’re in it.

Week of 4/25 in Gemini: A thousand new ideas will come flooding in. There could be everything and nothing. A new friend brings an answer. But you won’t be sure you asked a question. You can feel all of it, but still you won’t be sure.

Week of 4/25 in Cancer: Holding a ceremony is more for you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Quite the opposite, take some time now to do what you want. What can be perched up can also go quickly. If you can, do it for yourself.

Week of 4/25 in Leo: You are starting to be in the middle of something important. Don’t question it too much. A long line of trees surround everything. There will be circular emotions. On a blank card you will write your name.

Week of 4/25 in Virgo: If you can let it pass then it might be fine. The question is can you do this. You are looking far off and you can see a hopeful sign. You can see yourself in love. Everything is new and waiting.

Week of 4/25 in Libra: Orange walls and a new outlook. You will find yourself back in an old place. Two arms outstretched to form a purple globe. There might be a coat. There could be a green butterfly dancing around.

Week of 4/25 in Scorpio: You might hold on to the surrounding light. But what really moves you is what you can hear in the distance. Make it there if you can. So much blue will be uttered. Keep going and you will find what is ready.

Week of 4/25 in Sagittarius: It’s you again, so don’t worry. A red cape will envelop the day. Two columns are on either side of the idea. It’s the poem you are after. Find the poem.

Week of 4/25 in Capricorn: It’s the same story but this time it could be different. A blue chair is a nice place to rest. Oh but you don’t want to. You want to fall into the surrounding air. It’s love always, always love.

Week of 4/25 in Aquarius: The wind is everywhere. You have a book open. There is one word written but you can’t make it out yet. Everyone is waiting. You will meet them and fall in love again.

Week of 4/25 in Pisces: Go out and see the open space. More lilac in the sun is necessary. You will get there but you need to go through this first. There will be enjoyment. There will be a doubling of joy.