Week of 4/4 Horoscopes

Week of 4/4 in Aries: It’s everything you’ve ever wanted just not in the immediate way you were expecting. You will have to wait a little longer and work a little more. But then a golden package will arrive unexpectedly. There isn’t time to give up yet. Look at the sunset in the picture.

Week of 4/4 in Taurus: You are laughing and on a blue and pink chair. In your arms is a plate of sun. A rabbit is jumping and also smiling. Who are your friends in this moment? Go to them and the trees where there is orange and red.

Week of 4/4 in Gemini: You keep learning and learning and that’s a reason for celebration. The blue in the distance may be the sky or it may be the way you lean into music. Whatever the case keep pouring out all of that good energy. This is a good time. Something else will give you reason to smile soon.

Week of 4/4 in Cancer: Maybe it’s the pie but you are winking at yourself. It’s the very essence of the day that mimics the night. Call a friend or call someone you are in love with. Just keep calling and calling. It might be the pie after all, so make more.

Week of 4/4 in Leo: Someone you love will be calling back. You might still be angry about everything. Now is a good time to forgive and say hello. The same seat awaits you. But it will be much more comfortable this time.

Week of 4/4 in Virgo: Some sort of lightning is on the horizon. You might not be able to see it where you are sitting. Instead you can feel it through your writing. Believe in what you are doing. Everyone will love it.

Week of 4/4 in Libra: There is a deep and wild endeavor yet to be done. You can take a friend with you this time. In the clouds a clear sense of the future. It’s happening again, but this time it will be better. Happiness is in your bag and in the surrounding suitcases.

Week of 4/4 in Scorpio: Two hands can hold another and carry something. But put something down so that you can embrace. In the purple room you will find a letter you wrote. Now is the time to consider sending it. You will wear your favorite things.

Week of 4/4 in Sagittarius: The future is clearly beginning again. Surrounded by roses you will enter the room full of confidence. Nothing will sway you from what you need to do. Especially now, when there is so much of everything. Surrounded by roses, you will feel delight again.

Week of 4/4 in Capricorn: There are so many beautiful things that ring around the places you have been going. You can go just a little farther to see them. You love the sparkle on very clear things. Some things might be obfuscated. But their brilliance is still there.

Week of 4/4 in Aquarius: A sunflower is there for you on the table. What you choose to see is what will be. Your intuition is so distinct now. You are holding hands with the day. Go forward and forward.

Week of 4/4 in Pisces: Some parts of you long for the past. But you need to see that these are not what will govern the future. Remember the now and the things to be done. You will delight in what can be accomplished in these minutes. Clear the pink sky for traveling luck.