Week of 5/16 Horoscopes

Week of 5/16 in Aries: Blue stars will surround two faces. Something has calmed within you. Still, you want it just as much. If not more so. The eyes look around the corner at you.

Week of 5/16 in Taurus: A new setting of the sun. You have waited for this, too. Love is everywhere. Grasping at it and also embracing. There will be a plate decorated in papaya and greens.

Week of 5/16 in Gemini: The way in is also dreamy. You can sit very still. Also singing can connect back to the two things from the center. You are tired but not too tired. You can do this all night.

Week of 5/16 in Cancer: In a pink drawer you will find relief. So many things are as you left them. You will write the note faithfully. It is to someone, to anyone. Directed from the side there is a happy play.

Week of 5/16 in Leo: The moon is bright. And this is your homecoming. You have collected the blue cards alongside the green. But no matter where you go you will hear your song. Who is playing it now.

Week of 5/16 in Virgo: It’s gotten a bit uncanny. Nevertheless you feel the sweetness in it. It’s hard to believe it hasn’t even been a day. You feel so much closer without having gone anywhere. Purple mountain and daylight will be your mystery.

Week of 5/16 in Libra: Maybe in the very heart of it is still the forgotten parts. A blue and peach butterfly who is there. In the window too a good friend. You will think of things you thought you forgot. But you haven’t really forgotten anything.

Week of 5/16 in Scorpio: You are ready for anything again. You will give some advice. There is an adventure that you are most equipped for. Dancing in the light is an eggshell. Inside the coral is more mouth.

Week of 5/16 in Sagittarius: On two hands there is the same difference. You could see anything again. The most perfectly planned day. You have dreamed of this. In the other part of it you were almost silent.

Week of 5/16 in Capricorn: Sitting in the very front room will be an answer. A lingering part of the self. Warm roses and whiskey. You will put on the gloves and answer the door. In the last room there is a chapter you will write.

Week of 5/16 in Aquarius: It has gotten hopeful in the meantime. But all along it was full of red. You can’t even imagine yet. Nothing is more loving than this part of the story. Keep going all along the road.

Week of 5/16 in Pisces: You will slowly come back to the day. It won’t be a surprise really. Burnt orange will fall over every page. You love it all but only in order. This part however might start with the end.