Week of 5/2 Horoscopes

Week of 5/2 in Aries: You will be scared but going into the wind is what you were meant to do. It will be good ultimately. Rules will matter. You will do something monumental. Something truly noteworthy is about to happen.

Week of 5/2 in Taurus: Flying into the night is everything. It is up to you or it’s not. That’s what isn’t clear. What is certain is how much you want it to be. Flying into love will always be your preference.

Week of 5/2 in Gemini: There is a tree and you are ready to climb it. Whenever anyone is looking you are ready to be there, too. You will be there for someone. Your heart is beaming. You will love without thinking.

Week of 5/2 in Cancer: You’ve made a good decision. It is one of many. Whether you make another one isn’t exactly up to you. You will ask someone to choose. You love them.

Week of 5/2 in Leo: Plants and such ring around everywhere. It could be everything but will you let it be. Wooden pots and signals abound. There’s a note for you. And another one that says exactly the right thing.

Week of 5/2 in Virgo: There are so many things that seem the same. But only one thing has your name on it. Take it when you see it. You can be done with waiting for a while. Don’t forget how much you love silver.

Week of 5/2 in Libra: There is an aura to feel. Blue days and a lot of thinking. Transformation is the key to humor. Not everything is so funny. But for now, there will be joy.

Week of 5/2 in Scorpio: You’ve prepared everything for this moment. In the sound of the sea you will drop the blessings. Holy rain and a bit of forever. You are waiting for anything. Anything but this will call to you.

Week of 5/2 in Sagittarius: Finally there is motion. In the day a sort of ecstasy again. You will look to the ground but in your heart you will feel it. Honey and mint will coat the secrets. You won’t tell anyone.

Week of 5/2 in Capricorn: Staring off somewhere will be your friend. It has already been purposeful. You can look into the past and see forever. But in forever you can see love. Take what is there and ready.

Week of 5/2 in Aquarius: A sudden time to face the celestial. Standing forth also is a home. You will hold hands with the ineffable. There’s a dance you know. Find the partner who knows it, too.

Week of 5/2 in Pisces: Your dress is part of the forest. There’s a red number that you will focus on. You can be sure of it when you roll from side to side. You are close to the end of the story. But you will finish it only when you are ready.