Week of 5/23 Horoscopes

Week of 5/23 in Aries: You will feel confused and not sure when you got here. But make no mistake—this is happening. Blue and yellow will happen upon you. An old hobby will seem almost new again. A new and important friend will appear soon.

Week of 5/23 in Taurus: A lightness might escape the sun surrounding you. Yes, it’s this again. You will feel infused with the cloak of time. This is good but different. Pink and purple jewels will be yours.

Week of 5/23 in Gemini: You will long surprisingly for the past. It will feel like that is what held you there. No instead you were always dreaming of this moment. Someone will call out for you. Go running to them, if you must.

Week of 5/23 in Cancer: Finding it waiting on the bed you will eat all of it. There is a moon or maybe two of them. The cascading lights and mild tempers of the evening. In the book everything ends. But this never will.

Week of 5/23 in Leo: It can be good to get away, but that doesn’t mean to actually go. In fact there is time for you to really be what you want to be still right there. In the green aspects of the day you will look into the mirror. If you can, say your true feelings. You won’t be sorry for it.

Week of 5/23 in Virgo: It’s time already and again for you to face the orange side. When you turn over in the night it might be there. Two friends will hand you a clearing. What could be worth it will always be when you are waiting. Two people will let you know exactly when it’s time.

Week of 5/23 in Libra: You will find yourself in a mood that echoes pink. Or could it be two sides split into many things indeed. In the underbelly of the day there is the echo of something. If you listen carefully it’s there for sure. Are you listening or are you asking?

Week of 5/23 in Scorpio: It’s not necessary to ask questions right now. But you might anyway. So too the yellow beat of the numbers will come calling. On a faint boat you will ride as if in a holy trance. In the emotional landscape anything is possible.

Week of 5/23 in Sagittarius: Light blue flowers will be flattened on the object. There is a light in the room always. You may feel all sorts of ways and all are beautiful. On the red place there is a type of enduring love. You aren’t talking as much as you want to.

Week of 5/23 in Capricorn: So many things cannot be spoken yet. Still, you say them to make them heard clearly. You have a strength that is unparalleled. You won’t need it now, but it can only help you. There is no rushing water—only blue.

Week of 5/23 in Aquarius: Turquoise light from the edge of the opening. You keep putting in what you can handle. A light yellow note on the top of the stack of papers. Nothing has been lost. In fact you have just found everything.

Week of 5/23 in Pisces: Somewhere it has already happened. You can say this so many times. Blue and green fold over onto orange. Things should mean something. But this time everything means something.