Week of 5/30 Horoscopes

Week of 5/30 in Aries: You don’t really have time to regret or to question. You must simply follow what got you here. You will hold up the skirts so that everyone can see. It will be real and it will be beautiful. This is the green fish.

Week of 5/30 in Taurus: Carrying things into the wide open set of trees. A big space or a way to remake the self. You will call on the past again. But this time the real source is gentle. This time it’s a new day.

Week of 5/30 in Gemini: A silly time held by a lack of consistencies. This is not exactly your dream but it will do. You can’t stop thinking of the times you didn’t want to know about. It’s held there. There’s a heavy air as you hold it there.

Week of 5/30 in Cancer: Skipping into the day is a very good way to begin. In fact you are moving so fast you are flying. You have set up all of the rocks and stones. But nothing is as perfect as the memory of it. So make sure you make time for that, too.

Week of 5/30 in Leo: You remember the old times not in a way like they were better but that they happened. It could be that all of this light purple is also the sky. Many people want to say this isn’t happening. You know the truth so well. It’s your truth after all.

Week of 5/30 in Virgo: A little bit of bread is sometimes better than anything. You might get tired but still you are ready for all of this. Clearly the song of nothing is orange. It has always been part of your heart. Now even more so.

Week of 5/30 in Libra: A calm has washed over all of it. Maybe you are noticing just how serious it all is. Whatever the case a blue suit will find its way into the opening of the day. You are standing and waiting. But you don’t need to.

Week of 5/30 in Scorpio: So many dreams but even then it isn’t exactly what you meant it to be. Instead the very true side of the night. If you can, hold onto the edge of time. Nothing could be more revealing than this—this blue. The woods hold balloons and little gemstones.

Week of 5/30 in Sagittarius: You might get scared but that’s all part of the process. In the middle of the afternoon a purple star. Even if in the movie there’s a sense of an ending, this won’t end. No instead this is timeless. This is meant to be forever.

Week of 5/30 in Capricorn: You are all dressed up for this part. So why not make it really something. You can wait as long as necessary. On your hand is the cake. It’s still time to enjoy everything.

Week of 5/30 in Aquarius: Don’t even dream. Just make it time to be in the middle of what is holy. If there is enough reason to, carry out exactly what has been planned. Or if you feel more ready, then burst forth. No matter what anyone says, you know exactly what to do.

Week of 5/30 in Pisces: A friend again has every answer. So many parts of the story are shifting, but the essence remains the same. You can pile it all up but it still holds fast. Even if you can’t believe it, it is true. Even if you are worried, you don’t really need to be.