Week of 5/9 Horoscopes

Week of 5/9 in Aries: You wish you could wish it away and maybe in some ways you can. Nevertheless, this is real. You should be prepared for that at least. There will be a plant that steals your heart. Go to it, if you must.

Week of 5/9 in Taurus: There’s an uncertainty abound but also a true shift. You will find that you long for a long hug. Wishes hold themselves steady in the air. You have made something noteworthy. Don’t deny this happiness.

Week of 5/9 in Gemini: It will be a long time before you see this space again. So enjoy the time within the night. Slightly carrying the waters will be your goal. You will open up to a certain page. There will be a frenzy in knowing.

Week of 5/9 in Cancer: So many things are not still here. But one thing is still certain. If you can dream, you might as well. You won’t believe how larger it seems. But that’s love—always growing.

Week of 5/9 in Leo: It couldn’t be more like what you had planned. In fact you have planned it. All of the memories that sit on the edge of the surface are there. You might use them for inspiration. There will be so many things that inspire you now.

Week of 5/9 in Virgo: You might draw something to better understand it. Nevertheless you already understand it well. When someone calls to you, they mean to. Don’t take for granted their love for you. If you can, wear purple.

Week of 5/9 in Libra: It will be a type of adventure yet again. This is something that doesn’t bother you. What might bother you is far off. If you can, call out to hot pink. There’s a type of everything that you will find here.

Week of 5/9 in Scorpio: These priorities are not what you wish them to be. But it’s important to remember that they aren’t yours. On the wall a sitting veil of essences. Shifting from the center is your heart. It’s important to remember what most matters to you.

Week of 5/9 in Sagittarius: What can be will be. This isn’t just something that surrounds you. It fuels the very thick of things. Is there a slight blue to it? Yes, of course, you know that.

Week of 5/9 in Capricorn: You will delight in the ineffable. That’s possibly a surprise, but a good one. The very air will not rust. Instead it will grip the heart of things. Everything will be orange.

Week of 5/9 in Aquarius: You can be certain what holds will continue to. There’s a definite sequence to it at least. A butterfly again is true. You might hold your hand out. Someone will take it.

Week of 5/9 in Pisces: Holding very still you will find the real answer. In the heart of it you will beat. Holding steady nothing will be the right fit. It will be in movement that the heart feels fluid. You will find even this, too.