Week of 6/6 Horoscopes

Week of 6/6 in Aries: If you were to stand far back you might see how in line it all is right now. How things are clicking into place. You are swimming through waters and may forget to look around. That’s ok, keep doing what you need to. Just know that the gossamer light is on the horizon.

Week of 6/6 in Taurus: It’s in the sudden chair that you see the sun again. It’s ok with the yellow and orange fruit. Whatever you need to do—just don’t give in. There will be time for these things later. Right now it is the time to think and grow.

Week of 6/6 in Gemini: Roses and the light on the window. There’s a music you like so play it. In fact the very essence of everything will be in the song. It’s true that you are deeply loved. Know that as you go forward.

Week of 6/6 in Cancer: If the dance is for you then why not. And it is so twirl around. This is the same old song, of course, it is. But this dance is for you. So enjoy it.

Week of 6/6 in Leo: You are giving support to everyone and most especially to a new friend. That’s your way—to be there. The next week will give you more opportunities to be. In the long run this is a good thing. You will have every memory you asked for and more.

Week of 6/6 in Virgo: Lights again but these ones are full of flair. In the middle of the table a center fruit. Purple and mauve line the driveway. Come into the night if you want to. Everything will be glistening with possibility.

Week of 6/6 in Libra: You’ve taken it all into the space between the edge and the long line. But after that there is more pink. A kind of ecstasy in the top of the statement. You will say it all if it helps anything. After that there could be a new sort of interest in all of it.

Week of 6/6 in Scorpio: Everywhere the moon goes. Is there a place where it can stay. A yellow light it is but also more than that. Every kind of place a bit of red. That’s passion.

Week of 6/6 in Sagittarius: A very broad opening they called it the day. Then when they patched it up it was only a sort of morning. You are being a kind friend. But can you be that to yourself? There’s no critic better than self-love.

Week of 6/6 in Capricorn: Here’s everything and then some. You will focus on the things that don’t exactly matter. Surely things will break but not your heart. No in fact it will grow with love. Everything about a day is possible.

Week of 6/6 in Aquarius: What can peek out except that you are waiting. So lovely the time between now and the next phase. There are secrets and then there are secrets. How much does the moon grow now. Only you will know the difference.

Week of 6/6 in Pisces: You are spending time when you should be in the middle of things. That will all add up to something grand. There are things to be met still. In the red picture there’s a diamond. Cherish everything and especially that.