Week of 7/11 Horoscopes

Week of 7/11 in Aries: It’s hard to know yet how things will go but they will go well. You must keep trying even when it’s hard. You are so strong. Find the people around you who are strong, too. They will help you.

Week of 7/11 in Taurus: Coming back to the circle is still a good thing. What can you say except that you meant it. If there is a passionate hello, then so be it. You must do what you must. That’s a promise.

Week of 7/11 in Gemini: Things are rushing a bit but you are still you. More of the same kind of pastel but this time you’re in charge. What can be said except that the circle of lights you left comforts many. This time you’ve got it all under control. Walk forward with both senses.

Week of 7/11 in Cancer: It could be everything like a tiny start. Whatever the case you will know numbers and letters. You will write things down as they happen. So much time has passed but what you can be sure of is that you’re ready. Keep going there’s no reason not to.

Week of 7/11 in Leo: Accumulated in the center is a sense of very peaceful dreams. You may not have a clear picture yet, but it’s on its way. You’ve hung up every picture by now. The one you may not have a sense of is of the future. Go there if you must.

Week of 7/11 in Virgo: You are getting closer to a resolution. What can be ready can also be part of the past. This is a good night to make amends. This is a good time to have a good time. You’re ready for everything.

Week of 7/11 in Libra: You might need to wait to really get a sense of the clear picture. On the wall is a lamp and all of it. Collected in the stem is the flower. To have a real sense of things you’ll need the letter. To know the absolute beginning you’ll have to read it.

Week of 7/11 in Scorpio: Many plans circle the front part of the house. Around the trees are your usual songs. If it means something then it does. Don’t try to make it mean something. It already does.

Week of 7/11 in Sagittarius: Wrapped up in green are all of the things you hope for. It could be another way but this way is good. You will sense a very small part you can’t forget. You won’t need to. Love has a way of entering everything.

Week of 7/11 in Capricorn: If there was any part of you that knew the answer you’d say it. Instead you will be happy moving along as it is. Time and all of that is a real friend. You’ll be happy when it all moves forward. What you need is a friend and you have one.

Week of 7/11 in Aquarius: The way the walls are is a kind of music. The way you see them is part of what music you create. In the space between green and blue is more green. In the beginning you could see your face there. You still will have a destiny.

Week of 7/11 in Pisces: This will be a good thing to do. You will do it and it will go well. All of the notions of love will be even clearer. In their place will be what you want to hold. It can be good again.