Week of 7/18 Horoscopes

Week of 7/18 in Aries: Everyday seems like this and yet everyday is different. You can’t see yet how things will progress. There are people who want to intersect. In the middle of the land there is a green symphony. Everything you dreamed of is here.

Week of 7/18 in Taurus: Magic is in the inside of the center. The trees and everything are pink. You could say things but why bother. Everything you know is within a dream. Don’t forget to write it all down.

Week of 7/18 in Gemini: Someone loves you deeply. They go back again and again to the time when you met. Do you feel the same sense of the past? Walk along the beach if you want. Everything comes back eventually.

Week of 7/18 in Cancer: In the forest there are tiny spots that are cool. You might want to stop and look at them, but you also must keep walking. Whatever the plan is, stick with it. You can consider later if this is what you want. For right now, it’s good.

Week of 7/18 in Leo: You searched for this time and now it’s here. What can begin is always beginning. You have looked everywhere for this green light. Sit in it now. Everyone around you is waiting.

Week of 7/18 in Virgo: There’s a tendency to find the worst part of it to focus on. But now everything is fine. You can rejoice a bit in all of the work you’ve done. You’ve earned this praise. Remember your heart and your friends.

Week of 7/18 in Libra: Lately, you’ve been someone loyal and true. You might also take the time now to join a celebration. There’s a friend who waits in the corner of the room. You can wear a yellow hat. You can reminisce about everything.

Week of 7/18 in Scorpio: You can be sure of so many things now. There is a momentum to the way that the future is building. Make sure you don’t forget to bring anything with you. You will want to see the green sky. You will like listening to the rain.

Week of 7/18 in Sagittarius: Your sense of intuition will be even greater now. You might have an idea to build something monumental. There’s a type of sound that speaks to you. If you can recreate it, do it. Or if you must, make everything happen so that it hums everywhere.

Week of 7/18 in Capricorn: In the very edge of the light you can see happiness. There’s a type of dawn. It’s your time to bask in whatever you want to. Dancing can be part of it. Singing your own song is also necessary.

Week of 7/18 in Aquarius: Small lights hang from the circle. Do not follow. Instead stay where you are for a long time. It’s safe there. There’s nothing good that will happen if you don’t keep still.

Week of 7/18 in Pisces: A song is a heart is a sense of the weather. You will make it real with every step. As you walk quietly remember everything that took you here. Also, remember yourself. You did this all, too.