Week of 9/12 Horoscopes

Week of 9/12 in Aries: Things can linger, but that doesn’t make them real. Feelings are there for you to work with. You will have a lot to work with this week. Make it all count, if you must. Put your whole heart in, like you always do.

Week of 9/12 in Taurus: Incidental from what is happening, more will happen. Good things and those simmered in long desire. An awakening of the heart could find itself in orange. Peace and happiness. This is what will come to you.

Week of 9/12 in Gemini: You will feel the green upon the page. And you will keep at it. As scary as it is, there’s a reason for all of it. Keep going along the path. There’s more opportunities waiting there.

Week of 9/12 in Cancer: A stack of books and things echo in the room. Take one thing and then another. You aren’t packing for a trip. No instead you are preparing for life. More of the hot kind—you will be ready.

Week of 9/12 in Leo: You’re waiting and maybe getting impatient again. But the time is near. You just have to feel it to make it so. Send language through the air. Make every moment count until it really does.

Week of 9/12 in Virgo: It couldn’t be more clear what you need to do next. What is really at the base of it is your knowledge. Sit at a desk and type out everything you know. There can more that is boundless. There can be more that will make you happy.

Week of 9/12 in Libra: Language comes up in strange ways. It’s not important now to record it all. No instead know the music is still there. You will find ways to show your love. Connect always to the peaceful sea.

Week of 9/12 in Scorpio: Friendship astounds you. It gives you a kind of drive that very little else can. Go to it when it matters. Right now the poems are everywhere. They will be friends when you need them.

Week of 9/12 in Sagittarius: You’ve felt completely inside what the heart says. Now is the time for the party of hearts. Find the sun and your heart is in that, too. There’s a kind of movie that you can make through memory. Watch it when you need to.

Week of 9/12 in Capricorn: You will find everything to inspire you. There could be one thing though that does so more than others. A kind of swirl echoes around you. It’s everywhere—this loving feeling. Go in it if you need the strength.

Week of 9/12 in Aquarius: In the middle there is softness. You rest there and wait. Green flowers are everywhere. Don’t be sure of anything. Just keep going towards the right time.

Week of 9/12 in Pisces: It’s not hard to love. In fact you always are loving the sun. Qualities of perspective ask you to reconsider. But your mind is made up. At least for now.