Week of 9/19 Horoscopes

Week of 9/19 in Aries: Some things from the past are resurfacing. It’s not meant to make you sad, but instead make you stronger. What you can count on is that things will keep moving forward. Confide in a friend. In friendship, your strength will be renewed even further.

Week of 9/19 in Taurus: Magic is still something that calls to you, even when at times you don’t want to admit it. Right now you will call on forces that give you hope. Butterflies and things adorn your heart. There will be music and bread. You will make a call that will change everything.

Week of 9/19 in Gemini: In so many ways people are helping you. They are planning and plotting on your behalf and you don’t fully know the extent of it. Trust in love and the care of others. Even though there are ways that it feels like things are done, they aren’t. Trust in yourself and the pretty birds of the afterlife.

Week of 9/19 in Cancer: Things that give you feelings of completeness abound everywhere. There is nothing you love more than to thrive. And you will do so in so many ways, just by continuing on the path you’ve already begun. There will be sweet moments of connection. You will draw yourself then carve the metaphor in a strong gemstone.

Week of 9/19 in Leo: Something about beauty is overtaking you now. You can see the ways it was always about how wonderful every day is. Truly your excitement will lift others up. Flamingoes and parakeets will flock to you. As the sun lights up this time, you will possibly start singing.

Week of 9/19 in Virgo: Something you had wanted to say now you will find the way to say it. Orange and yellow will decorate the space again. Everything will be beautiful as you make the meals. Invite your friends in. Hold it all as close as you can to the art of it.

Week of 9/19 in Libra: Pink again is giving you energy. There’s ways to make all of it the new. You will feel creativity, love, and humor through the dances. On your way, you might be dancing, too. At the very least you will know exactly why you are there.

Week of 9/19 in Scorpio: In a locket there is something you had forgotten. Even if you don’t see it, you will see the thing that has been missing. Blue paper and cookies will be plentiful. Write down the poems of the evening. Make a mess if you want to.

Week of 9/19 in Sagittarius: Balloons can decorate anything. You will see the ways in which words can decorate, too. A stick or a carved piece of stone will let you know you are going the right way. Finding all of it inside the self is no surprise. You’ve been searching there for all eternity.

Week of 9/19 in Capricorn: Holding strong are the friends who have always believed in you. Don’t forget them now as you go on and on there. Swirling in the center is a bit of purple and blue. Secrets are forgivable. But you won’t forgive those who tell them.

Week of 9/19 in Aquarius: On a stack of books again are the answers. But you will be going and moving, not waiting to find them. Instead love will surround you some more. Find a peaceful song. Play it for a very long while.

Week of 9/19 in Pisces: You are proud of everything you’ve done lately. But most especially you’re proud of your patience. A green bowl of plants holds the key to something. You will write the most glorious sestina. Then you will rest with someone you love.