We're doing Chart Readings

Last week we announced the return of the Astro Poets Advice Column. This week we are adding another new thing to our creative space here on Substack (which we love so much more than Twitter & which we will continue to grow). Chart readings!

People have always asked us for these and we’ve given them in person but never found a way to do so online. Here’s how they will work:

- You email us at astropoets@gmail.com with all of your major placements (typed out, with chart attached ).

- You ask us one question about your past, future, or present (future tends to work best) & we tell you what we see using your planetary placements/chart as a guide.

Like the advice column, these posts will be for monthly subscribers. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, go for it. It’s $6 & we truly appreciate your support for our work!

Yours in the stars & on Earth,
Astro Poets